Ordering Custom Sized Closet Rods

To order closet rods in custom lengths, ensure that your browser has JavaScript enabled.

Order in Three Steps:
  • Determine the length, in inches, that you would like your closet rod to be. Remember to allow 1/4 of an inch total for a pair of rod flanges or uprights on the ends. Enter this value into the 'Length in Inches' field.
  • Determine the number of closet rods you will need in this length. Enter this value into the 'Qty' field.
  • Click 'Add to Cart'.
When you view your shopping cart, these items will be presented like the example below. Additional closet rods in different lengths must be added to the cart separately. Simply repeat the steps above for each rod length.
You do not need to alter anything in your cart.

The cart will automatically calculate how many feet of closet rod you have ordered along with the number of rods and the length of each rod.

Refer to #1 in the image below. The shopping cart converts the number of inches to feet and displays this value in the quantity field (as shown below as 9). The unit price is based on the number of total feet, not the number of rods ordered.

Refer to #2 in the image below. In this example, the equation shows that 3 closet rods have been ordered at 36' (or 3 feet) long each. To ensure that your order has been entered properly, check that the first number in this equation is the number of closet rods, and the second number is the length in inches of each closet rod. The third number of this equation is calculated automatically by the shopping cart as explained above.
Shopping Cart Example