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Small Closet freedomRail Solutions

Closets and shelves are, for most of us, the main way we organize our homes. Of course we have bins, shelves, boxes and accessories to further organize, but closets and pantries are the backbone of our home storage systems.

Some of us are blessed with roomy luxurious walk-in closets with abundant storage space for shoes, suits, sweaters and all of our clothing. However, the majority of us have less-than-ideal closet systems, whether it’s because we are living in a dorm, an old bungalow, an apartment, a loft space or almost any older home because most older houses weren’t designed with elaborate or even efficient closet storage.

Whether you are fortunate to have large closet space, or are in the position of trying to “make due” with the small closet you inherited (without making major structural changes to your home), designing your own storage systems using freedomRail components gives you the liberty to build the system exactly to suit your storage needs.

Example: Have lots of shoes? Both shelving and O-boxes can be added to your storage system to accommodate any-sized collection (provided you have the required wall space), which brings me to my next point: With freedomRail, you don’t even have to have a closet to design a storage system. More and more, people are building open systems.

Do you have a vacant walk-in den, utility room, spare bedroom, or basement, or maybe an empty space on your loft wall next to your window that faces the adjacent brick wall? This might be the ideal space to store sweaters, fabric storage bins, entertainment systems and even offices. What about adding a craft station to the corner of your office? Or a wall to store your bubbleheads, Pez dispensers and sports displays. Think outside the box, because it’s your home after all.

Whatever you need to store, freedomRail gives you all the components you need to make a storage system. And it’s super easy to install using only a level, a ruler, a drill and screwdriver. There’s no complex measuring required because the components attach to adjustable rails, which can be incrementally positioned in equally-spaced slots. One you screw the wall mounts to your studs, you have infinite options for arranging and repositioning your components and, the best thing is that it only takes minutes.

Snowdrift Pantry
Planning your system first, of course, is ideal but with freedomRail, you don’t have to commit to a permanent design. You can always disassemble it later and then repurpose it for another function–or even relocate to another room. Of course, if you have fabulous walk-in closets or whole rooms available for storage, freedomRail is your solution for nearly any kind of storage, whether it’s utility room, garage, pantry,bedroom or maximizing space in that small closet.

Seven finishes are available to match your décor: Modern Cherry, White, Driftwood Live, Chocolate Pear, Cypress Live, Midnight Live, Snowdrift Live. Whether your style is modern or more traditional, you’re sure to find something to complement your interior. Our design team can help with your project and if you live in Michigan, we are available for custom installations (see our installation/consultation page) or call 248-656-3350.

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