How to Maximize your Small Closet Space

small closet

Small Closet? Here are 10 Easy Ways to Maximize Your Closet Space.

hanging accessory shelves

  1. Use the vertical. Add cubes or hanging (soft) shelves to stack your belongings as high as you can reach to store sweaters, shoes, purses and other accessories.
  2. Use the space above and below your hanging garments. This is often unused space and a great place to add shoe storage shelves, fabric bins and extra storage shelving.
  3. Shelf dividers – partition shelves for more efficient storage of sweaters, jeans and other garments. This keeps things neatly stacked and organized. Maintaining an organized closet is easier if everything has a designated place.
  4. Pullout valets can be added to the back of a walk-in closet and maximize the lateral space while adding accessibility to garments, belts, scarves, ties and other accessories.
  5. Hooks can be added to vacant wall space to add convenient hanging storage of accessories or even garments, depending on the available space. Single hooks or mini racks are easily installed with screws and simple tools.
  6. Individual clear plastic shoe boxes are great for storing shoes on top shelves or even on lower shelves or the floor. You can also store accessories and odds and ends in them.
  7. If your closet has a hinged door, over-door storage racks and hooks add tons of storage in unused space on either side of door. Shoe bins may also be used for socks, accessories and a variety of other belongings.
  8. Use a double-hanging bar to instantly double your garment hanging storage.
  9. Hanging accessory holders hang right on your closet rod alongside your garments and provide storage for jewelry, ties, belts, scarves and other accessories.
  10. Easily customize and optimize your small closet using the freedomRail shelving system, which can be custom cut and includes lots of custom accessories to trick out your closet (check out our other blog post for some great freedomRail ideas).

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