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Hanging Storage for Closets–Great Ways to Utilize Vertical Space

Closet rods aren’t just for hanging clothes hangers. Creative product design has produced a plethora of useful hanging storage implements for storing shoes, purses, shirts and all kinds of accessories. Here are some of our favorite, best-selling, hanging-closet products. Whether you have a challenging small closet to contend with, or a large one that needs customizing, you’re sure to find something useful here.

canvas hanging purse organizer

Canvas Closet Purse Organizer

This purse organizer stores up to ten purses right on your closet rod on one of the four shelves or six side-saddle bags. This is made of natural canvas for a neutral, yet warm appearance in your closet.

double rod closet hanger

Double-Rod Closet Hanger

If you have unused vertical space in your closet, why not use it? This simple, yet effective accessory doubles your hanging real estate, giving you more storage for sweaters, shirts and trousers.

hanging shelf shoe organizer

Hanging Shoe Organizer

Also made of canvas, this 8-inch wide soft shelving system adds ten storage shelves for shoes, purses, shirts and other items.

tie and belt rack

Tie and Belt Rack

This simple and inexpensive chrome hanger keeps ties and belts accessible and consolidated while taking up very little lateral space in your closet (one inch).

hanging closet shelves

Hanging Closet Shelves

Hanging closet shelves are a fabulous way to add temporary (or permanent storage) to underequipped closets. You can also use them on open storage racks (think loft or other urban dwelling). They come in a variety of sizes and styles with a range of storage capacities to suit your needs.

packable shelves

Packable Closet Shelves

Packable closet shelves give you the convenience of extra hanging space with bonus travel capabilities. When you’re ready to go, collapse it into your suitcase, and then hang in your hotel room for instant on-the-go clothing storage.

Organize-It has tons of other closet storage options, including freedomRail systems for the ultimate in custom closet design. We’re happy to help you get your homes organized!



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