Closet Organizing Tips

Closet organizing can be challenging, especially for busy working people, but here are some hints to get you more organized in an afternoon. Along with sorting, proper closet storage accessories, an organizational method, and good maintenance habits are vital to keeping your closet functional and free from clutter.


  • Sort your clothing into piles of what you wear and what you don’t wear.
  • If you haven’t worn in a year, donate or toss (donating is better).
  • Simplify – do you really need thirty pairs of shoes or nine winter coats? Maybe you do.
  • Sort seasonal clothing and store out-of-season clothes in bins or storage bags.


What type of storage accessories do you need? Do you have room for a shoe rack? If not, individual storage boxes may be stacked on shelves. Consider matching hangers for clothing. Wood ones will last a lifetime. Color-matched hangers look great in your closet, giving it a unified appearance.

Inventory your shoes, coats, accessories and clothes. Do you have enough hanging space? Consider adding double hangers if you don’t.

Which clothes need hangers, and which need to be folded? Hang jackets, blazers, pants, skirts and shirts with collars. Fold jeans, sweaters and tshirts. Jot down numbers and make notes.


If you found you need additional storage, add boxes, shoe racks, belt or tie racks and other accessories to make your closet more efficient. If you have spare room on your closet rod, hanging organizers can be used to add storage shelves for clothes and shoes. Pull-out accessory valets are a great way to maximize space, while keeping belts, ties or scarves consolidated and accessible.


Add your clothing and accessories back to closet, organizing by color, garment-type, or some other method that suits your style. If you dress up for work, you might want to separate casual from more formal clothes. When folding and stacking garments, least-used clothes might go on the bottom with your favorites on top for easy access.


Part of closet organizing is developing good habits to keep it that way. Regularly remove unused hangers and make sure you develop a “place for everything” scheme and follow it. Periodically assessing your needs and eliminating things you don’t use helps keep your closet spacious and organized.


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