Benefits of a Wire Closet

benefits of wire closet

Should you Install a Wire Closet System?

Closet systems come in two basic types: wire or wood. There are pros and cons to each, depending on your storage and pricing needs. Here are some of the benefits to installing a wire closet system:

  • Wire is lightweight and easy to install
  • Wire shelving is typically more cost effective than wood or melamine
  • Coated steel is sturdy and comes in different finishes
  • Wire closet system are modular and you can easily reconfigure them when your storage needs change
  • Wire closets and shelving have useful add-ons such as drawers for custom building to your needs
  • Wire systems provide better air flow to keep your clothing and other stored items smelling fresh and not getting musty
  • Wire closet systems provide easy visibility so you can easily find your stuff
  • Wire closet systems are usually less expensive than wood components
  • In addition to clothing storage, wire closet systems may be used for craft, garage, general utility, laundry and pantry storage
  • Use for in-closet or pantry storage, or build an open system in any room, for any purpose (feel free to get creative)

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