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Custom Closet Designs by Organize-it

Over our 18 year history we have worked hard to develop a winning approach to solving our customers' unique storage and organization problems.  Every project begins with a fundamental question: How can we blend the available space with the customer's unique requirements? Our objective is to get the space to work as hard as possible for you. Every closet in your home needs to be purposeful, and functionality comes first.

Closets should also be attractive spaces. Style and finishes are blended with a practical design to keep you beautifully organized. Every project has a budget and we recognize the importance of affordability. While we don't compromise on quality, you'll find our custom designed closets to be among the most reasonably priced products and the best overall value.

Beyond getting a great closet at a reasonable price you need to know the people you're working with. Organize-It has been a leading, family-owned provider of storage and organization solutions for thousands of customers for over 18 years.  Our design staff has many years of design and construction experience with many diverse projects. We use only the finest of materials at a number of different price points. Owner-installed projects start with an easy-to-install system and plenty of help through installation videos, printed instructions and a company that is just a phone call away. We are available to help if you run into trouble.

We also provide a comprehensive closet design consultation for those who want us to handle their closet completely. We can design to your liking, deliver in your timeframe, and install to perfection. Your new closet can just be a phone call away.

From Linda in Michigan

Thank you very much Mike. It was a pleasure working with you too. I never knew we could have a live web conference to design the closet!! Saved so much time. Thank you for your expertise. The drawings look great.