Wine Storage Rack Options for the Spring


This week we are diving into the storage options of one of my favorite things in the world – wine. While some of us out there are lucky enough to have a full wet or dry bar in their homes which provide excellent storage for bottles and other bar equipment, the vast majority of us have to make do with what space we currently have. The wide world of wine racks is vast and varied, there are so many different styles of wine storage racks out there that it can be overwhelming for the casual storage shopper.

Luckily I have a couple of great products that are the ideal choice for storing your entire wine collection. Whether that is a giant collection of aged spirits and vintage wines, or just a couple of bottles (it seems like those bottles never last more than a week anyways!). Check out all four of my favorite wine racks after the jump:

The first spirit or wine storage rack I will introduce you to is this attractive scrolling metal wine rack:


This rack is able to hold up to 7 different bottles of wine. The wave-y rows provide excellent slots to store bottles that are 750 mL in size, so it can store wine bottles as well as liquor bottles. This is a great choice for the casual wine collector – it has a pretty decent amount of storage but also a compact size that fits into small dining rooms or living rooms.

The next rack is designed for those that have large collections that just keep on getting larger! This modular wine rack allows you to increase the size when you find yourself out of room for storage.


For those that store wine in bulk, a Do-It-Yourself Wine Rack Kit provides the ideal storage. This is a great rack to keep in your cellar or a basement, providing durable storage for cases of wine and other large items. Made in the United States out of solid redwood, you know you are getting a high quality product with this wine storage rack.


Lastly, the wall mounted wine storage rack is the perfect choice for those that store smaller amounts of wine but would like to display them prominently. This rack is able to store up to 6 small 750 mL bottles.


To find accessories for your wine, you can find them at Organize-It.