Use Cedar to Store Clothing



Keep clothing, bedding, and linens safely stored in the closet with help from a variety of cedar products. Make sure your everyday clothes smell fresh and clean with a natural cedar scent, and your stored clothing stays safe from mold, mildew, and moths. The distinctive smell of cedar keeps moths and other pests from infesting your storage place. Besides repelling pests, cedar also absorbs odors and moisture. Cedar is considered a safer alternative to chemical products.

1. Cedar Hangers

Add functional and stylish cedar hangers to cedar-hangersyour master or hall closet so you can easily hang up garments of all shapes and sizes. Cedar wood hangers are designed to naturally repel insects while offering a fresh scent. Organize-It offers a variety of cedar hangers in different sizes and styles.

From suit to coat hangers, you can easily store all of your garments. A couple of the hangers feature clips at the bottom so you can store a pair of slacks or trousers underneath a jacket. Cedar clamp hangers allow you to store pants on their own. Cedar tie and belt hangers are also offered, allowing you to keep your business attire safely stored next to your other garments.

2. Cedar Hang-Ups and Hanger Rings

cedar-ringDon’t want to replace all of your clothes hangers with cedar wood? No problem! Simply add a few cedar hang-ups to your closet rod to provide the aroma of cedar wood to your entire closet space. These hang-ups rest right on the closet rod next to your existing clothes hangers. To renew the cedar scent, lightly sand the wood once every few months.

Hanger cedar rings are another great alternative to purchasing all new hangers. These cedar wood rings slide over any standard hanger hook and rest on top of the hanger to transform any hanger into premium clothing care. You can also toss them into suitcases, dresser drawers, and even onto shelves.

3. Cedar Drawer Liners

Cedar is not limited to the closet! Use a cedar drawer liner cedar-linerto protect and freshen everything stored inside your bedroom dresser or chest of drawers. The drawer liner roll can be easily cut using household scissors or a razor knife. Once it has been cut to the correct size, place it inside the drawer to offer everyday protection and freshness to the clothing stored inside.

Tongue and groove cedar drawer liners are also available to line any household drawer. The pieces easily snap together to create a platform at the bottom of the drawer. The thick cedar wood repels moths and other insects while offering a woodsy cedar scent.

4. Cedar Shelf and Drawer Dividers

drawer-dividerAdd organization to your closet shelves and dresser drawers while offering the aroma of fresh cedar with shelf and drawer dividers. Use drawer dividers to effectively organize socks, underwear, bras, handkerchiefs, and more in your dresser drawers. The drawer dividers are fully adjustable to fit drawers of most any depth. Shelf dividers allow you to create the same organizational method for your closet shelves. This helps you organize blankets, jeans, linens, and other items right on the closet shelves above the closet rod. As with all cedar wood, lightly sand the wood to renew the fresh cedar scent.

5. Cedar Spray

Instantly add the fresh smell of cedar hardwood to any cedar-sprayspace with cedar spray. Cedar spray, pictured on the right, allows you to freshen, deodorize, and protect areas of the home without the need for harsh chemicals or oils. Cedar naturally repels insects, moths, and even moisture – ensuring your stored clothing stays safe from harm.

This deodorizing spray can be used on its own, or used to restore the aromatic scent of cedar wood products. While each bottle only contains 2 fluid ounces, one spray goes a long way – ensuring this small bottle lasts for a while. Simply spray your dresser drawers, closet shelves, and more to keep your storage space smelling fresh.

6. Cedar Shoe Care

cedar-shoesIf there is one smelly item in any closet – it’s shoes. Keep the inside of your shoes and boots smelling fresh and clean while ensuring footwear maintain their shape with help from these cedar shoe trees. These shoe trees are adjustable in length, and they are available in a variety of widths to fit in both men’s and women’s shoes.

Two cedar shoe trees are included in each set – one for each shoe. The wood construction offers reliable function while keeping unpleasant odors at bay.

Browse through a variety of cedar-scented products at Organize-It to find the perfect storage and organization product for your home.

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