Umbra Jewelry Holders


Umbra Jewelry Holders

Umbra Jewelry Holders – Lovely Gifts for All Occasions

If you’re thinking about small gifts for your special someone, here are some jewelry holders that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Umbra has a unique approach to design and marketing that distinguishes them from other manufacturers in the decor and homeware market. Stationed in Toronto, Canada, this company is best known for bringing smart, high-end designs into modern homes. They employ a large team of international designers and credit and celebrate them in their marketing material. This is one of the points that sets them apart from the competition.

The Little Black Dress line of jewelry and accessory holders are some of my favorite Umbra products. The first from the series were designed by Sung Wook Park, and harken back to a 40s practice of repurposing ornate corsets and girdles into hanging storage bags.

The Little Black Corset Jewelry Organizer takes The Little Black Dress theme to the next level of naughtiness. With 20 clear pockets and 23 Velcro holders for necklaces, this diminutive organizer is great for travel as you can roll it up in your luggage, and hang it on any hook or closet rod. A contrasting silver ring adorns the bottom and may be used for scarves or belts. Witty and stylish, this organizer is begging to travel in your sweetie’s luggage. Designers: Sung Wook Park and Marcee Ruby.

Umbra Animal Ring HoldersSmall, elegant and minimal, Umbra’s animal ring holders distill the essence of animals into contemporary, sublime objets d’ art. Available in trendy copper, satin, white, and chrome finishes, these tiny jewelry holders keep rings and other keepsakes secure and accessible.

Simply-designed with a hint of modern elegance, the copper stacking jewelry holder stores rings, earrings and other small keepsakes in its two compartments. The copper lid doubles as a tray for easy access to your frequently-worn jewelry.

Umbra Terrace Jewelry OrganizerDarkly-stained, Paulownia hardwood lends a hint of the tropic to her vanity, while providing three intelligently-designed storage trays. Unlike traditional jewelry boxes, this three-tiered holder gives easy access to necklaces, rings, earrings and other jewelry. A tan linen lining protects jewelry, while complementing the brown wood, and a black metal frame adds a bit of modernity to the design.

The Orchid Gun Metal Jewelry Tree combines the yin of gentle organic curves with an industrial, yangish, powder-coated finish, achieving a perfect balance of anima and animus. Despite the name “Orchid,” the thickness of the stems and buds evokes pussy willows , with each bud acting as a resting place for bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry. The leaf-shaped base holds rings and other small items. Simple and well-designed, this functional display makes a compelling accent on her dresser. Designer: Anne Charbonneau.

The spinning Daisy-Go-Round Jewelry Stand has the convenient rotation of a lazy Susan engineered into yet another design that blends industrial with floral, for a contemporary effect. Stylized wire flowers perch on sturdy, staggered stems for hanging earrings, necklaces and other jewelry. The chrome finish provides a foil to the flower theme and gives it a sleek, clean appearance. Designer: Alan Wisniewski.

Great for every occasion and taste, Umbra jewelry holders combine utility and style into useful little jewelry displays for your amour to cherish.