Turn A Basic Storage Box Into A Practical First Aid Kit


Ask anyone who has ever worked retail, and they will tell you just how easy it is to spend hard-earned cash on the copious amount of items they are surrounded by during their work day.  Many a time, purchases are made spontaneously, but sometimes, actual thought is put into a purchase.

Take for example a recent purchase made by Mary, a writer in OrganizeIt.com’s Content Department.  She recently purchased the Small Iris Snap-Top Plastic Storage Case to transform it into a first aid kit/travel essentials kit for her father, who is constantly on the road as a truck driver.

Sold for only $6.99, this storage box measures 14 inches W x 4 inches H x 10.5 inches D.  It’s amazing that Mary somehow fit all 28 items shown in the photo above.  All of the items in the photo were picked up at a local dollar store, which allowed Mary to create a wonderful, comprehensive first aid/travel kit without breaking the bank.  The only item not purchased at the dollar store are the dog vitamins shown in the top right corner.  Those are for Bert and Ernie, two miniature doberman pinschers who accompany Mary’s father on his trips.

To prove that Mary actually fit all of those items into the storage box, check out the photos below of Mary meticulously packing up the kit:






For curious minds, Mary included the following items in the kit:  sterile pads, first aid scissors, sunblock, self-adhesive bandages, gauze, Neosporin, an Ace bandage, cold medicine, a knee brace, anti-diarrheal pills, allergy pills, antacids, energy pills, saline solution, Ibuprofen, an eye glass repair kit, hydrogen peroxide, dog vitamins, rain poncho, a cool snake, Icy Hot, antibacterial wipes, glow sticks, cotton pads, cold/hot compress, hydrocortisone cream, Orajel, and muscle rub cream.