Tips for Cleaning Up and Organizing Your Garage for Spring



Guest blog by Kacey Mya, the blogger behind The Drifter Collective

Spring cleaning is an annual event that people do all around the world. Seeing the sun break through those winter clouds and warm up all the new plants that are beginning to grow makes people want to start fresh too. Cleaning is a great way to make your house feel brand new, but one place that people often avoid when it comes to cleaning is the garage.

Something about the garage makes it the perfect place for everything to eventually end up in. Shoes, toys and tools are just a few of the things that are probably in your garage right now. This spring, tackle your garage head on and spring clean it without fear! Read on to find out what you can to do make garage cleaning a breeze, so you can get back to the spring activities that you love.

1. Space Out Your Cleaning

Some people may have lots of energy when they decide to start cleaning clean-garagetheir garage. In the past, you might have spent a whole Saturday or even an entire weekend power cleaning everything you could find. While that will get you results faster, it can also burn you out and be the reason you give up before the job’s done.

This year, space out your cleaning. Look at your schedule for the upcoming month and see how many weekend afternoons you can spend in the garage. You’ll get a head start just by knowing how much time each weekend you have to devote to cleaning. The next step will be deciding where to start.

2. Tackle the Small Stuff First

Although the pile of gardening tools that have been sitting in the corner since last summer may be the first thing you want to clean, start with something small. Every time you finish a small cleaning project, you’ll feel a rush of confidence and be that much more ready to clean the next bigger project. It’s known as one of the ways to increase your productivity, since no one can shy away from something as simple as sweeping a garage floor.

3. Look for Dust

The main reason that people get a dirty garage is because you just end up with so much stuff when you’re a homeowner. If it doesn’t end up in your closet, it’ll be stored in the attic or thrown in the garage. While you spring clean your garage this year, look for dust. How often do you use the things you’ll be cleaning? Think hard about if you really need what you come across and don’t be afraid of donating or throwing stuff out.

4. Invest in Storage Bins

Storage bins may be the greatest thing that will ever happen to your garage. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can fit practically anything in them. Plus, they’re easy to label with some painter’s tape and a permanent marker. They’re made to last well through the years and in most storage conditions, so if your garage gets a leak or an animal finds their way in overnight, your things will be kept safe and sound.

5. Don’t Forget to Hang Things

Wall space in your house is probably covered in photo frames and posters, so why should the walls of your garage be left bare? Look around to see how much empty wall space you have andceiling-rack-garage try to hang up what you can. Tools and cords will hang up easily, and you can even hang things on a budget.

For those who are into sports or activities that require large equipment, like a canoe or ski equipment, think about getting a ceiling rack. Garages are typically taller than the cars that are meant to park in them, which means that you can hang things on the ceiling that won’t fit in your garage closet. Measure out your garage to make sure there’s enough room for both your cars and a ceiling wrack, and then get a professional to help install it correctly so it lasts as long as you’re in your house.

6. Get Rid of Grease Spots

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you probably have some spots and smudges that feel like they’ll always be part of your house. The good news is you can banish them, even if they’re grease spots. It’s easy to learn how to get rid of grease and it doesn’t take much time at all to get done. After letting a cloth absorb excess grease for at least a day, use a concrete cleaner to remove the stain. Your garage will be good as new!

7. Prepare for Plants

Gardening is a big springtime activity that people like to get into, so if you know that you’ll garden-toolsprobably adopt a plant or want to do some lawn work when it warms up, it’s time to prepare for plants. Find a storage bin or other storage solution for your shovel, gardening hose and potential plant fertilizers. Putting these things away will help you remember where you put them, while also keeping potentially dangerous things away from curious kids or pets.

You can also hang up some gardening gloves and even a hat to protect your skin from the sun. Going out to garden may be fun, but the sun is just as powerful in the spring as it is in the summer. If you’re thinking about keeping some potted plants, make sure to think of the future. Don’t forget to leave some floor space open for those plants that may need to be pulled in during cooler nights.

8. Plan Ahead for Messes

Once you get your garage cleaned, you can celebrate that your work is done, but eventually you’ll need to clean again. There’s no way to prevent your garage from accumulating mess, so be smart and plan ahead for your next cleaning weekend. Keep labeling supplies ready for storage bins and your broom near by to sweep out any foliage.

Grab a planner and schedule in a Saturday afternoon dedicated to cleaning later in the summer. You’ll get ahead of garage cleaning before it’s too cold to be anywhere but inside. Cleaning in the spring doesn’t have to be difficult! Plan ahead and know what projects you want to conquer. By the time the local pool opens up, you’ll have the best looking garage in town.