Three Must-Have Wine Accessories


wine accessories

If you drink red wine, you’ve probably had it happen. Spills. Whether you got tipsy or your naughty cat made a game from your leftover wine glasses, you know that panic feeling, or the sinking feeling when you just can’t get the stain out of your red carpet. Wine Away is here to save the day. Just spray it on and blot stain with a clean cloth. Best part is, it’s safe and made from natural vegetable and fruit extracts, so it won’t hurt your kids or your pets. It comes with a convenient spray cap in an 8.5-inch high bottle. At $9.99, it’s a wine accessory you’ll absolutely want to keep on hand.

Travelers will love this leak-proof wine pouch. It keeps bottles from sweating on your luggage or in your bags and comes in a handy set of two. It adds some extra security in your bags, while providing a visible “window” for TSA. Price: $9.99.

For even more security for your wine, consider this insulated wine tote. It has mesh pockets and elastic onboard straps for carrying accessories (such as a bottle opener), and a carrying strap for across-park hauls. This is a great item for a little romantic outing on a cool summer night, and it costs only $35.99.