Stackable Plastic for Space-Efficient Dorm Storage


Get ready for the dorm move ahead of time with shopping ideas from our blog. You know your dorm is not going to have enough storage room (I can guarantee it having been there). Here are a few ideas for storage and you might also enjoy some of the dorm organizing blog posts at the Organize-It Blog.

iris stacking bins


Iris stacking bins are great for food, socks, odds-and-ends, whatever you want to store in them. The beauty is that you can use as many, or as few as you need. The semi-clear plastic lets you easy see what’s inside and the open front makes your goods accessible. They come in two different widths – 4.25 and 5.5 inches and range in price from $1.99-$3.99 (with quantity discounts).

stackable drawer bin

This clear acrylic stackable drawer bin is perfect for storing shoes or other items on a closet shelf, dresser or desk. At only $8.99, you can buy as many as you need, and when you move out of the dorms, you can repurpose them for something else.

stackable storage basket


The stackable plastic storage basket is great for toiletries, makeup, digital devices, and anything else you need to store. It comes in 9.25 or 14-inch sizes, and in green, pink, frosted white or light blue colors. The movable handle makes it easy to carry, but folds down when not in use. Prices range from $6.99 to $9.99.

stackable makeup box


This stackable makeup box will keep your beauty kit organized and accessible and having the capability to stack additional drawers is just dreamy. It’s not just for cosmetics, either, you could put jewelry, i.d.s or a variety of small items inside for safe keeping. It’s 13.5 inches wide and 2.65 inches high for compact storage and the drawer includes a thick handle. Price: $25.99.

K-Cup Storage


Okay, this isn’t really stackable, but it’s hard for me to think about dorms and studying without interjecting coffee into the picture (so I’m adding this in as a bonus). If you’re a coffee addict like me, you might need a little Keurig brewer on your dorm desk. And here’s the bin to store your K-cups. It’s 5 inches wide and holds up to 40 K-Cups for your favorite Keurig morning cuppa and costs only $29.99.