Smallest Bike Rack for the Cost and Space Concerned


When some people look for the right bicycle storage, they want something that is top of the line. These people are looking for all-in-one storage for multiple bicycles. They typically have plenty of space to store their bikes and are not that concerned with the price point. Others just want a bicycle rack that provides reliable storage for one or two bikes. These folks are usually relatively tight on space and budget, but still don’t mind forking over a few bucks. Lastly, we have people that are tight on space and money, but still need a place to store their bike. These people are looking for the smallest bike rack.

The good news is that there are lots of very small racks that can help you store your bicycle with ease. The Grandstand Single Bike Rack is a great choice for those in the quest for the smallest bike rack. This rack is so simple, it is unbelievable. The rack is made from ABS plastic, so it is lightweight and portable. The rack holds your bike up, keeping it steady no matter what the situation.

Smallest Bike Rack

Since many people that are on a tight budget and replace their car with a bicycle for commuting, the fact that it is portable is a huge plus. You can bring the smallest bike rack with you to work on your bike, and be able to store your bicycle away from all of those other bikes on the community rack (if you are lucky enough to have one where you work).

The ABS plastic construction of this Grandstand Rack makes it really durable, so it can be used over and over again. Who would have thought such an innovative product could be so darn simple? It’s basically just a piece of hard plastic that you can wheel your bike into, and it holds it upright.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s smallest bike rack!