The Many Different Styles of the Classic Shoe Cubby


Why mess with the classics? If you’re looking to amp up your shoe storage, a basic shoe cubby is the way to go. You have choices, too. You can either utilize the classic storage piece, an update shelf organizer or a sleek free-standing piece that is disguised as wood furniture.

Cubbies are the route to go if you need quality and QUANTITY shoe storage. The separate compartments keep pairs together, protected and accessible. What I bet you didn’t know, is that there is a wide selection of different types of cubbies available to you. Here is a closer look at your options:

 Classic Shoe Cubby

A regular ‘ol shoe cubby is the perfect addition to any closet, walk-in or not. The modular storage piece comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. My go-to is the 30 Pair Medium Shoe Cubby from Organize-It.  This moderately sized piece features 30 4 by 6 inch cubbies, perfect for all your favorite shoes or even handbags. The strong wood laminate build is available with or without front doors, too. A neutral white color blends in beautifully with any decor.

This classic cubby is great addition to closets; just slid in under your hanging clothes and use up dead space.

 Shoe Cubby Organizer

If you don’t have the floor room in your closet, think up. Adding cubbies to the top shelf of your closet can use up space that usually goes ignored. The Shoe Cubby Organizer from Organization-Store is a great solution. This piece is designed to give you a simple way to store multiple pairs of shoes in the top of your closet.

This organizers is crafted from durable canvas. Adjustable panels allow you to create storage that accommodates your specific needs, and the modular design can be used in multiples to create a larger system. This piece holds up to 22 pairs of shoes and works with all wire closet systems.

 Shoe Cabinet

The Deluxe Triple Shoe Cabinet really stands out from the other options. This free-standing piece is great if you don’t have the closet space or are simply searching for something with more style. Store up to 36 pairs of shoes behind the three tier shelves. PVC wood with pewter handles creates  a beautiful accent piece in either oak or white finish.

This cabinet is an excellent addition to walk-in closets as well as foyers or back mud rooms.

Use one or all three of these options and create manageable shoe storage.