Shelving Solution for Motor Homes


Our customer, Paul, wanted to put up shelf storage in his Motor Home. This is his story:

“I started out this process by writing an e-mail to Organize-It asking some questions about the use of the 9-inch tight mesh wires shelves in a motor home closet. Shortly after writing I received a phone call back from Organize-It answering all my questions and discussing my plans for using this 9″ shelving. I had a very nice conversation with this lady and decided to go ahead with the project. She even requested that I send photos of my installation when it was done.

9 Inch Profile Wire Shelving

My installation has 3 wire shelves, each 9″ deep by 14-5/8″ wide. Note: I did have to cut off one wire from each 15″ shelf I received in order to fit with the 3M clip hangers installed on the walls. If I had known this ahead of time I could have ordered the correct length. But I had no problem cutting them with my reciprocating saw. Then I lightly grounded down all the ends to make sure there were no nicks or burrs before sticking on the plastic ends.

I installed the shelves using 4 each 3M Command Medium adhesive clip hooks because the closet walls are so thin that they cannot use the standard-type hangers included. Each clip hook is rated at 3 pounds, so the shelves should be good for 12 pounds each. I installed the shelves with the shelf lip turned upwards to keep things from flying off the shelves when braking.

9 Inch Profile Wire Shelving

We are using these shelves for light weight things like towels, linens and paper goods.

Before installing the shelves we could only use this very narrow closet space for small hanging things. And we had to buy baby clothes hangers in order to fit into this narrow space, so it was not very usable. But now we are very pleased with the results. They look good and are very functional.

FreedomRail 9 Inch Profile Wire Shelving

I am very pleased overall with the product, the customer service, and the results.”


If you’re looking to put shelves in your home, depending on your needs,
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We have pre-designed closet solutions as well.
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