RV Travel – Road Trip Across the US


Ron, the Inventory Manager at Organize-It, took a trip across the US with his family in a rented RV. Here is a map of his planned destinations:
RV Road Trip Across the US

After everything & everyone packed into the organized RV, they took off!
First stop: Badlands, in South Dakota

Badlands National Park

Watching a storm develop driving through South Dakota
Storm in South Dakota

Arriving at Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota
Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore
Mt. Rushmore

Winding Roads to Yellowstone Park
East of Yellowstone - Winding Roads

Buffalo on the highway
Buffalo in the Street!

CAUTION! Buffalo Madness Ahead
Buffalo Crossing

Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming
Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone in Wyoming

Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming where they also went kayaking!
Grand Tetons National Park

Zion National Park in Utah
Zion National Park

Family photo at Grand Canyon – North Rim
Zion National Park

The Grand Canyon – Arizona
Grand Canyon

Complete serenity at the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

Even staying hydrated with our can cooler.
Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam & Bridge
Hoover Dam Bridge

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam

Viva Las Vegas! at the Mirage
Mirage - Vegas

The Excalibur
Excalibur - Vegas

Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado
Estes Park - Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountain National Park  – Colorado
Estes Park - Rocky Mountain National Park

Last but not least, they stopped into St. Louis, Missouri to visit family.

Advice from Ron on Items he & his family used to stay organized & comfortable:

  • Iris Media Box – Used for socks, underwear and bathing suits in the bedroom closets under our hang-up clothing (minus the inserts and lids). They fit perfectly in the space to maximize the area.
  • Stor-n-Slide Under Bed Container – for storage under the pull-out seat/bed.
  • Iris Plastic Mesh Storage Baskets – for the food in pantry.
  • Mesh Back Support – An absolute must!!!!! It kept my back from sweating too much. Also, with the lumbar support it provides, not once did my back get sore or stiff. I wish we had taken two instead of one.

They RV-road-tripped across the US and back! Not many people can say the same, or can you?
Tell us about your RV experience! Where did you travel to and how did you stay organized?

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