Pretty Bead and Jewelry Organizers



Product of the Week:  Spice Jars to Organize Beads and Jewelry

A friend of mine had a great idea that I wanted to share with you all.  She found these beautiful spice jars.  They are really unique, far from the regular plastic spice bottles that you see in the supermarket.  You can put whatever spice you want in them, and they have a beautiful see through lid.  Her idea was to use these spice canisters for her beads and jewelry making supplies – a great idea, I think!  They are pretty reasonably priced, considering the fact that they will last forever, and are sold in sets of four.  The see through lid just begs for something pretty to be stored inside.

Here are some ideas:

  • Beads – Just imagine how beautiful your colorful beads will look filled to the top of these stainless steel jars.  You won’t even have to open them to figure out what color you are going for because you can see right through the top!  For an art project in itself, you could fill these jars with colorful beads and then set them on your dresser, mantle or your crafts table – you decide if you will actually use the beads or just admire them!
  • Jewelry Making Supplies – you can put rhinestones in one tin, wire in another tin, and even use the longer tins for small needle nose pliers and other tools.  If you have large pendants for upcoming jewelry making projects, this is a great place to keep them as well.
  • Jewelry Organizer – this is a beautiful way to organize jewelry in the house, or better yet, on the go.  Keep a small selection of inexpensive pieces in your glove box or in your suit case so that you always have some jewelry with you for any occasion!

If you are interested in making jewelry, here is some information, a great place to start!