15 Things to Love about Glass Cookware and Food Storage Products


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15 Things to Love about Glass Cookware and Food Storage Products

I’ve cooked a lot of meals in my day and have tried practically every kind of cookware–from Teflon to ceramic–to tried-and-true cast iron, which I had trouble seasoning. I have my favorite high-end non-stick pans and find myself not particularly attached to a brand, although, I have thrown many out over the course of my cooking life.

When I started working at Organize-It, I became obsessed with kitchen organizing and, since I like to cook, with food storage (along with gadgets of every sort). When you write about products (and research them), it becomes really easy to sell yourself on them. It’s dangerous working in retail sometimes. Yes, I have too much stuff. 😉

Like most Aquarians, I love gadgets and innovation, and, of course, this means new materials, new pots and pans, and, of course, more efficient ways of doing things. The amount of products available in America is almost dizzying. I love the bright seasonal colors of produce keepers, food storage containers, and every promising new utensil you might need in your kitchen, and I’m always keen on hearing about the latest and greatest. However, I’ve developed a new interest in an old classic, one that I grew up with–and my parents and grandparents before me, which is glass. I know you likely have things to do today (and so do I), so I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet: 15 Things to Love about Glass Cookware. And when you’re finished with this list, you may want to peruse some of our Anchor Hocking glass food storage products (many, of which, I own and cook with). You should also check out these oval canisters by Progressive, which make colorful displays in your pantry.

Things to Love about Glass

  1. Doesn’t absorb odors.
  2. Doesn’t react with any known foods.
  3. Inert, and so doesn’t release elements into food.
  4. Non-porous and completely safe.
  5. Durable, will last forever, provided you don’t drop it.
  6. Shatter resistant (if tempered).
  7. If tempered, usually safe for oven, microwave, fridge or freezer.
  8. Will outlast most other cookware.
  9. Provides great visibility and easy food identification when mixing, prepping, cooking, serving, or storing foods.
  10. Better heat conduction and retention than most other materials used in cookware manufacturing.
  11. Faster baking due to heat absorption (and, therefore, less power consumption). *You should turn down oven 25% from recipe suggestions to avoid burning.
  12. Better food browning than many other cookware materials.
  13. Easy to clean.
  14. Doesn’t stain or discolor.
  15. Doubles as a serving dish.



Father’s Day Gift Guide – 2017


Father's Day Gift Guide - 2017

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Flavor of Dad

Father’s Day is a day to show the dads in your life they matter. While it’s great to be a good child 365 days a year, a small gift and dinner out make an extra special memory for your dad AND for you. Whether your dad is that minimalist guy who wants everything spare and uncluttered, the baseball guy who yells at the Tiger’s game on TV, or the quiet gardener type, there’s something in this gift guide to strike his fancy.

The Grill Dad

20-piece grill utensil setThe Grill Dad is that guy you can always count on to cook meat and chicken to perfection. He might have his own proprietary BBQ recipe, or if he uses someone else’s, it’s probably still a guarded secret. Like his profession, whatever it might be, grilling is part of his identity. He might have a special hat or apron, and he doesn’t want you near his grill. You can’t go wrong with a 20-piece grill utensil set for your Grill Dad this year. It includes spatulas, forks, tongs, a basting brush and every other grilling essential – plus it has a carrying case so he can lug it to away-picnics or tuck it in a garage cabinet for easy storage.

mobile serving stationA grill thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking if your Grill Dad happens to be in training. This dishwasher-safe, stainless steel surface thermometer ensures perfectly cooked food every time, even when your dad might be off his game.

An outdoor mobile serving station is just like having his own kitchen on the patio. Two folding leafs make forty inches of working surface for food prepping or arranging cooked food. Two cabinet cubbies are great for storing barbecue accessories, and casters make it easy to put it right where he needs it.

Wall Street Dad

watch boxIf your father is a business man, you might want to go with a more traditional gift. It doesn’t have to be a tie, although it could be a unique one in his favorite colors. If your dad is one of those people who still wear watches (this is a rarity in the cell phone era), this watch holder is for him. Made of cherry wood, it has six padded inserts to keep watches safe and clean and includes a glass top for clear viewing.

wooden valetYour dapper dad might be the type to stage his outfits for a special meeting or presentation. Even if he isn’t, a beautiful wooden valet might inspire him to get organized the night before, and this budget model (made from wood and bronze-finished tubing) is a low-risk investment.

belt rackA sliding tie rack and belt rack will help keep your Wall Street Dad organized and color coordinated in the morning when he’s getting ready for work. Ties and belts are the bane of closets and dressers when it comes to getting it together in the mornings. Sometimes getting organized requires a little extra something and valets make classy Father’s Day gifts. Both of these are great space savers and can be installed on any wall that has a 22.5-inch-width clearance (to accommodate fully extended racks).

Sports Nut Dad

So you say your dad is a sports fan, but what is his particular passion? Football? Baseball? Collecting? If he collects ball caps, the baseball hat rack is just the thing he needs to organize his collection. Just hang it over a door for accessible storage of 36 caps. Easy.

football caseFor sports collector types, footballs, baseballs and other sports memorabilia get safekeeping in an acrylic display case. These memorabilia cases are a great way for Dad to preserve those special memories, whether it’s from the foul ball catch at the Cubs game, or the Green Valley Softball Ohio Series Championship his team won last summer.

freestanding organizerFor the Serious Jock Sports Nut Dad, equipment storage might just be a permissible AND appreciated gift, despite the practicality. He may already have everything he wants, right? Nothing’s more annoying than toppled equipment in the garage and not being able to find things. Wall-mount and freestanding organizers keep hockey sticks, balls and skates together, accessible and off the floor.

Speaking of garages, if you really want to spoil your dad, consider gifting him some steel cabinets for his man cave. Organization might not be the first gift that comes to mind (it involves work), but if your dad is a man cave type, you know how he loves to putter. In addition to getting the cave in order, these cabinets just look cool – cool enough to induce man cave envy. Promise.

Gadget Freak Dad

desktop charging stationWhether he’s a gadget freak or just a modern man, a charging station keeps his digital life going and devices organized and safe. This desk charger has three built-in USB ports – enough to satisfy the average person’s need to get charged and ready for the day.

If you’ve ever witnessed lost-remote hysteria or injured your derriere sitting on one, you know just how valuable this revolving remote caddy is. With ample room for four remotes – plus a center divider for manuals and other accessories, this caddy enables no-stress movie nights and game playing. This is another foolproof organizing gift that won’t go unappreciated.

leather laptop bagStylish and slightly retro (with contrasting, light stitching), this leather laptop bag makes a masculine, yet fashionable statement wherever your dad goes. It fits laptops and tablets up to 13 inches wide and comes in tan, black, and brown. It’s a bit more casual than a traditional soft attaché, but we have one of those too for bigger storage needs. For a more casual, campus-kinda-feel, this upscale leather backpack has room for lots of gadgets and even a lunch.

Green Thumb Dad

The Green Thumb Dad is a unique type, but we know they’re out there. They might be small-town dads cultivating 30-foot gardens with mini Sears rototillers or urban types growing raised-bed gardens in an empty lot, but they all have one thing in common, the need to bring seeds to life and they love getting dirty.

garden wagonFor weekend outdoor projects like landscaping, a garden cart makes lugging things around the yard so much easier. This one has 10-inch pneumatic rubber tires, steel mesh sides, and a 400-pound weight capacity, which makes it great for hauling rocks.

A seed planter makes quick work of planting and includes a dual hopper for double-plus fun (plant and fertilize at the same time, if you can pull that off). It holds 7.5 pounds of seed, fertilizer, bat guano or whatever concoction your father might use in his garden.

water-powered host reelManaging hoses is one of the more tedious duties of a home gardener. A water-powered hose reel is a little indulgence your dad might like, but would probably feel guilty about buying for himself. This easy-to-use timesaver makes a winner of a gift for the gardener in your life.

Whatever flavor of dad you have, you’re sure to find something appropriate among our 15,000 listings at Organize-It. Organize-It Gift certificates also make great presents, especially if you’re feeling indecisive or started your Father’s Day shopping late this year.


Father’s Day gift ideas: king of the grill


father's day gifts: king of the grillThere are few places in life where dad has claimed his thrown. We won’t mention the obvious others, but the grill is for sure the one spot dads everywhere lay claim to every summer.

As Father’s Day falls on the first day of this awaited season, it is only fair to celebrate with his favorite summertime activity.

Our line of Barbeque Accessories is the perfect place to start for Father’s Day gift ideas. Here are just a few of our favorites:

barbecue tool set18 Piece BBQ Set

Give the man the tools for the job. This outstanding barbecue tool set is filled to the brim with everything you need for a five-star cookout. The set includes:

  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Large fork
  • Large knife
  • Baster brush
  • Grill brush/scraper
  • Metal skewers (4)
  • Corn-on-the-cob holders (4 sets)

Charcoal Dispenser

If your pops prefers charcoal over propane, this plastic charcoal container and dispenser is ideal. The American-made container can hold up to 25 pounds of charcoal in or out of the bag. The entire piece is completely waterproof and features a side handle for easy carrying and pouring.

food prep cartOutdoor Food Prep Cart

This outdoor food prep cart is for the serious outdoor chef (who could be your dad). Made of stainless steel with a quality, removable thick butcher block, he can chop vegetable’s to his heart’s delight and store all of his secret sauces and tools on one of the shelves. Wheels make it mobile–to save your dad’s back. This is a high-end gift for dads you really dig.

Grill Coversblack grill cover

Finally, a sure Father’s Day win is gifting dad the best to protect his baby. Grill covers are an excellent way to prolong the life and quality of any grill. We have loads to choose from, but our favorites are the Casco Black Polyester Grill Cover and Deluxe Vinyl Barbecue Cover. Both covers are rain, snow and humidity safe as well as crack resistant in temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees. The Polyester comes in four different sizes while the Deluxe is available in six; all come with a five-year limited warranty.

ceramic grill coverWe have lots of other covers for different style grills, as well as patio covers for every kind of furniture or entertaining accessory you can think of. This tan cover fits over some ceramic grills, and you’ll want to check out our website for a huge selection of products.

Add the sizzle of summer to Father’s Day this year with these products and more like them at organizeit.com.

father's day barbecue