5 Quick Tips for Organizing Last-Minute Travel


Guest blog by Kacey Mya, the blogger behind The Drifter Collective

Are you feeling the spontaneous need to skip town? Or is your boss sending you to close a last-minute deal on the other side of the globe? No matter your plans, organizing everything at the last minute might be easier than you think.

If you’re an impulsive traveler looking to plan the perfect trip while also saving a few bucks, check out the quick tips below.

1. Start with Flights

You don’t want to start making solid arrangements until your flight has been booked and confirmed. For last-minute flights, you’ll need to be flexible to get a good deal. This could even mean being open about your destination. Use flight apps and discount sites to find the cheapest fares. If possible, travel mid-week to save money. Typically, the most affordable days being Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you choose a budget airline, carefully check for hidden fees, like a surcharge for bringing carry-on bags. These extra costs can quickly eliminate any prior savings. And remember to clear your browser cache when browsing flight deals online, as websites will save your information and raise their prices when you revisit.

2. Try New Transportation

Flying isn’t the only way to reach your destination. When you want to travel from place to place, sometimes buses, trains and even ferries can be cheaper than riding a plane. While it might take a little longer and the amenities might not be as nice, you can save a lot of money and even have an adventure.

Trains and buses are a great way to travel while getting to see the scenery. This is especially true in places like Europe and Asia, where you can buy one train pass and easily go from one iconic city to the next.

3. Find Hotel Deals

If you’re prone to last-minute travel, you’re in luck — the best time to find deals on hotel rooms is when you’re cutting it close to the wire. A day or two before your trip is ideal, as others will cancel their bookings and hotels will be eager to fill empty rooms at discount prices.

Use your favorite hotel app to find deals in the location you want. You can even set your preferences for star rating, amenities available and price. If you want steeper discounts, look at secret hotel deals where you don’t know where you’ll be staying until after you’ve booked.

4. Use a Credit Card

Many credit cards come with rewards programs that you can use for travel. If you don’t already have a card, look for one that best fits your needs. You may want to accrue miles for flights, points towards hotel rooms or even a percentage of cash back. The Capital One Venture Rewards Card is considered one of the best credit cards for travel, allowing you to earn points towards flights and hotels on every purchase.

When you first sign up for a card, you’ll get an initial bonus offer if you spend over a certain amount. Sometimes this bonus is enough to snag a round-trip flight. Use your credit card to book your last-minute trip and watch the rewards come rolling in.

5. Skip the Hotspots

You might already have a destination in mind for your last-minute travel plans. But if it’s a tourist hotspot, be ready to pay the big bucks. The key to finding last-minute deals is being willing to travel to lesser-known vacation areas. Due to the lack of a crowd, you’ll enjoy savings on everything from accommodations to food.

You can always visit the Louvre in France or hike to Machu Picchu in Peru. But maybe not during the peak season when you have one day left to plan your trip. Let the thrill of adventure take over and find the underrated spots you’ll remember for years to come.

Planning a Last-Minute Trip

Planning a trip on short notice doesn’t have to break the bank. When you follow the tips above, you can find last-minute deals from round-trip flights to luxury hotel accommodations. Just remember to keep your sense of adventure and stay flexible with your plans. The more adaptable you are, the more you’ll enjoy your getaway.

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7 Things to Plan for a Road Trip Abroad


by Riya Sander

A road trip is a fun way to discover new destinations while also spending quality time with your friends or family. Furthermore, you get to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and take awesome pictures along the way. However, just like any other trip, there is a lot of planning that goes into a road trip. Here is a list of things on how to plan the perfect road trip.

1. Plan Your Route

One of the first considerations on how to plan a road trip vacation is working out the route to take. Before your trip, have your starting point as well as your destination so that you can decide on the best route to get you there. Choose a route that will allow you to take in the scenic views along the way while avoiding routes that are not safe. You don’t need to have every single detail regarding your route planned out. As long as you have a basic itinerary worked out, you should be fine.

2. Decide Whether You will Get a Car Rental or Not

There are upsides to taking your own car-you know exactly how it works, you can fully service it before you hit the road, and you don’t have to deal with a rental car company. However, your car may not be up to the task for the road trip, which means you will have to hire a car.

Rent a car that is in great condition and up to the task. If you are travelling light, opt for a small car to save on the costs. If you have a lot of luggage, go for a rental that has a lot of trunk space or covered rear space.

Don’t hesitate to ask how the rental works. Inquire about the GPS, how to use the radio/MP3, the air conditioning, and anything else that might help to make you feel more comfortable.

3. Insurance

If you are using your own car, ensure that you inquire from your car insurance company if the policy you have is valid for a road trip abroad. If not, make sure you upgrade to the required level.

For car rentals, you will need to take out insurance for the vehicle as well even if the car insurance company offers coverage. Chances are the policy offered will probably not give you the cover you need, so better safe than sorry. Weigh different car rental insurance options before landing on one that best suits your needs.

4. Research How to Drive on the Left or Right Hand Side

When it comes to driving in a foreign country, it is important to research how to drive on the left or right-hand side of the road. For example, while drivers in many countries keep to the right, those in Australia keep to the left side of the road, as well as those driving in the UK and England.

There are other rules that come with driving in a foreign country. If you are driving through some countries, you will need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP), while in others your issued driving license will suffice. In addition to this, some countries have very specific road rules that you may not expect, so it is always important to do some research before your trip.

5. Come Up with a Road Trip Budget

There are some costs that you have to think about when planning a road trip. While you may leave the starting point with a full tank, you will likely need to refill it along the way. Therefore, research on the fuel prices in all the places along your chosen route.

If the route you are taking is not toll-free, make sure you include the expense of driving on toll roads in your budget.

Unless you plan to sleep under the stars, you will need to budget for accommodation along the way as well. You will probably need to stop somewhere for shopping and a proper meal, so make sure you have enough money for these activities. If you plan to visit some destinations along the way, set aside some cash for these luxuries as well.

6. Look for Any Travel Warnings

Do some research to see if there are any warnings of bad weather or insecurity when you are planning your route. Find out if there are any restrictions along the way so that you don’t run into problems when you are already behind the wheel.

7. Supplies for the Road

If the road trip is going to be lengthy, make sure you pack some healthy snacks and drinks to keep your hunger at bay until you are able to stop for a proper meal. Make sure you bring along medications and supplements you or your traveling partners might need as well as a first aid kit in case something happens along the way.

It is important to be aware of how to plan a road trip vacation so that you can minimize the chances of running into problems. Plan your route, mode of travel, budget, and supplies for the road. Make sure to research driving in a foreign country so as to be aware of the rules of the road, and look out for any travel warnings as well. With all these things planned out, you will be more than ready for your road trip.

About the author: Riya is an inspired writer writing in several areas of expertise. With spending her years working marketing communication, Riya is delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. She understands the importance of productivity at work and never stopped finding new ways to create her work productivity. Connect with Riya on twitter, @sanderriya.

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5 Ways to Accent Your Garden Space

FacebooktwitterpinterestmailAdd charming style to your backyard garden or outdoor entertainment area with these products. This will give you some great ideas on decorations to add around the garden

1. Wind Chimes

Woodstock Wind Chimes

Woodstock Wind Chimes

Relaxing outdoors has never sounded this good! Woodstock Chimes, a family owned business in Hudson Valley, NY, creates truly unique musical instruments for any outdoor space. From Amazing Grace to America the Beautiful, these outdoor chimes create a harmonious sound to bring relaxation and tranquility to your space. These wind chimes come in different sizes and colors, and they create different sounds to appeal to almost everyone.

2. Garden Signs

Whitehall Garden Signs

Whitehall Garden Signs

Add instant charm to your garden space with a garden sign. These yard signs from Whitehall feature cute sayings or quotes to welcome guests to your outdoor garden space. Simply push the two stakes into the ground to keep the yard sign displayed anywhere in the garden. Organize-It also offers lawn address signs you can display in your front yard, ensuring guests, visitors, or customers can easily locate your home or small business.

3. Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Bird Feeders and Bird Baths

Bring all the neighborhood birds to your yard with these bird feeders and bird baths. Organize-It offers both standing and hanging bird-baths to give songbirds in your area a “splashing”‘ good time. Tempting birds into your yard has hidden benefits, such as flower pollination and insect control. This helps your garden to thrive, and you have the added benefit of making tons of new feathery friends! Tip: Place a bird feeder and bird bath outside of a large window so you and your family can watch the wildlife from the comfort of your home.

4. Weathervanes


Whitehall Weathervanes

Which way does the wind blow? Find out with these Whitehall weathervanes! To determine wind direction, a wind vane spins and points in the direction from which the wind is coming from. Therefore, if the arrow is pointing to the west, it is called a west wind, and so on and so forth.  Organize-It offers rooftop wind vanes so you can display them on top of your home or garage, and garden wind vanes so you can stake them into the ground in your garden. Each weathervane features an ornament at the top to add a stylish touch to the weather instrument.

5. Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers

Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers

Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers

Keep yourself on schedule and keep an eye on rising/falling temperatures with these outdoor clocks and thermometers. These devices are available in a wide range of styles and colors to add eye-catching style to any outside space. These clocks and thermometers are constructed from rust-recycled aluminum and fade-resistant finishes. Available in separate devices or even combination units for a convenient design. Tip: place an outdoor clock or thermometer outside of the kitchen window so you can view the device while washing dishes or cooking.

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