Packing for Holiday Travel


Not only are the holidays a time of joy and fellowship, but the shopping, parties, baking, cleaning, deadlines and financial obligations can produce stress and frustration.   Spending time with family and friends over the holidays is wonderful, but getting ready for the trip can leave you feeling even more stressed.  If you are planning to travel this holiday season, make sure you follow these tips when packing:

  • Create a Reusable Packing List – Using Microsoft Word (or similar program), create a packing list that you can use again and again. Include things to pack (by family member) and things to do before you leave (pay bills, stop mail, water plants, etc.).
  • Use Packing Organizers – There are many packing organizers that can make life easier, such as: toiletry bags, tie organizers, and luggage organizers.  If you are a frequent traveler, these are a must!
  • Bring Plastic Bags – Plastic grocery bags are handy for dirty laundry or wet swimsuits.  Ziploc bags are a reliable solution for storing liquids (think shampoo, sunscreen, etc.).  If something leaks, you won’t discover a huge mess when you open your suitcase!
  • Roll your clothes – This allows you to fit more in your suitcase, and helps to minimize the wrinkles.
  • Pack Extra Memory – Don’t miss out on great photos because your camera’s memory card is full.
  • Create a Document Envelope – Establish one envelope for all documentation relating to your trip, including: itineraries, confirmation / reservation numbers, passports, frequent flyer cards, maps, and contact information for your destination.
  • Pack Snacks – Save money and eat healthier by packing your own snacks.

If you take the time to prepare and get organized now, you’ll enjoy trip (and the holidays) so much more.

– Donna Lindley, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Rochester Hills, MI-based Organize Your World, Inc.

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