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Over-Door Storage Ideas – Organize Using Unused Space Right Behind Your Doors

Over-door storage is a great way to store your belongings in cramped-space situations. Over-door racks come in all shapes and varieties and utilize unused space right behind standard, 1-3/8-inch doors. Over-door shoe racks, hat holders, pantry racks, and purse holders are just a few of the organizers you’ll find at Organize-It. Most are super-easy to install and don’t require alterations to your doors, although many come with more permanent installation options.

Whether you are grappling with the limited space of your dorm, a small apartment, or just own an inadequately designed house, you’re sure to appreciate the newly-found storage right behind your doors. Here are some of our favorite over-door storage solutions (and be sure to go to the Organize-It site and search for “door” for even more ideas).

1. Over-Door Coat Rack

Bruschia’s coat rack boasts a handsome, two-toned chrome finish over durable steel with 6 double hooks for a total of 12 hangers for coats, shirts, purses, umbrellas and more. This rack doesn’t skimp on aesthetics, so you’ll be proud to convert your door into accessible garment storage.

2. Over-Door-Storage Shoe Rack

A clean white finish and easy assembly makes the over-door shoe rack a winner for space-efficient storage in your dorm, apartment or home. 12 shelves hold three-pairs-each in an angled, open, easy-to-access design, right behind your door.

3. Over-Door Hanger Bar

Made from coated wire with a simple, efficient design, this over-door hanger bar has clearance for hangers, with ribbing to separate clothing – or use as a towel dryer, as the open design is great for air drying.

4. Over-Door Storage Baskets

Over-door storage baskets provide six 19.5-inch bins for convenient storage in your pantry, closet, basement or garage. The ventilated baskets are great for providing air circulation (especially in damp conditions). They also make excellent pantry storage.

5. Over-Door Deluxe Hanger Rack

This smartly-designed, space-efficient rack packs a lot of storage into a small profile with two outside clothes valets flanking a centered, dedicated hanger rack.

6. Over-Door Bronze Valet

This well-designed valet features ribbed sides and a smooth front bar for lots of extra storage. Use it anywhere! It’s really great for managing clothing in your laundry room.

7. Over-Door Adjustable Purse Rack

If you have a purse for every occasion, you need a place to put them. The over-door purse rack is the anecdote to your purse storage woes. It holds up to 8 purses in a clever, tool-free design on the back of any standard-sized door.

8.Over-Door Drying Rack

When you don’t want to shrink them, or just want to air dry your clothes or towels, the over-door drying rack is the perfect accessory.

9. Over-Door Cap Rack

The Perfect Curve baseball cap rack keeps up to 36 baseball hats organized and accessible. No more crumpled, misshapen hats when you consolidate them onto this over-door holder.

10. Over-Door Storage – Double Hook

For only a small investment you’ve got instant, easy, no-fuss storage on any standard-sized door. Two hooks hold shirts, hats, scarves, hangers and more. Just hang it on the door top and forget about it.

Over-Door-Storage Ideas from Organize-It