Organizing Your Kitchen for a Better Morning


Guest blog by Alex DeMarzo

Are you one of those people who feel as if they never have enough time in the morning to accomplish everything? Do you find that you’re always running late no matter how hard you try? Mornings don’t always have to be a frenetic free-for-all leaving you slightly disgruntled and out of breath. Unless, of course, you like it that way (no judgments at all). But, if you’d love to have a calm, organized, and efficient morning that leads to a (hopefully) better and more productive day, start by trying to implement the following tips.

1. First, Make a List

Some people are chronic list makers while others are not, but this is one instance when a list could be of benefit. Begin by listing everything you do every morning. Estimate how much time it takes to do each task or ritual. Then, actually, time yourself doing them.

This exercise may seem silly, but it’ll help you know exactly how much time you really do need in the morning. The list will also show you what you could possibly cut out if you get up later than normal or have to be at work earlier.

2. Set up a Coffee Station

For most people, coffee is the most important part of their morning. Streamline your coffee making by creating a coffee station or beverage station. Gather all of your supplies for your perfect morning cup of joe in one place. Don’t forget your favorite mug! 

Some people choose to arrange their coffee station on a tray and use baskets to hold things like sugar, sweeteners, and spoons for stirring. If there’s also a tea drinker in your house, add tea-making accouterments as well. Keeping everything together in one place eliminates the time spent gathering these things every morning, or looking for where you left the coffee grinder or your special tea stirrer from Japan. 

In the same vein, you can also create a breakfast station and/or a smoothie station. As well as making these tasks quicker, separate stations also help keep family members from all trying to work in the same space at the same time, which means less arguing and bumping into each other!

Package cereals and bread in airtight containers. Your smoothie station could be a tray that lives in the refrigerator and gets pulled out each morning when its time to make a smoothie. 

3. Organize Cupboards and Refrigerator

Get serious about organizing your cupboards and refrigerator. Group similar items together in both your fridge and pantry. Set up the areas and things you use regularly next to each other but not in the same cabinet. Use baskets to corral similar items in one place and airtight containers for crackers, cookies, cereals, and pasta. If you’re looking for some organizational inspiration tinged with some creativity, consider putting together some kitchen vignettes.

And don’t forget about all those things deep in the back of your shelves and cabinets. Install some pull out shelves to fully utilize your available space. Store excess stock on a top hard to reach shelf to keep the clutter down on your oft used shelves.

4. Upgrade your Kitchen for More Efficiency

If you have the time and money, consider a kitchen upgrade with a new refrigerator or new cabinets. Launch a thorough cleaning of your kitchen one weekend and call a junk removal service to haul it all away for you. After your finished, you’ll probably feel more organized already.

5. Plan Meals and Lunches

Try to do all your meal and diet planning on Sunday night so you’re ready for the upcoming week. Prepare all lunches for you and your family the evening before.

Also, empty the dishwasher before the morning so you can quickly load the dirty breakfast and coffee dishes into it.

6. Consider Monochromatic Dishware

Downsizing to monochromatic dishware could free up space in your cabinets as well as reduce any arguments or searching for a favorite cup or bowl. If your dishes are all one color and not seasonal, you don’t have to worry about switching them out with the seasons (if you’re the kind of family that gets into things like that).

Also, most modern dishware is both microwave and dishwasher safe, so there’ll be no more asking, “Can this go in the dishwasher?” Convenience and simplicity will help make your mornings run smoother and leave you more time for the important things, like enjoying the perfect cup of coffee you just made in your perfectly set up beverage station.

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