Organizing Kids’ Closets


Are there special things to consider when organizing kids’ closets?  Absolutely!  If you try to use the “cookie-cutter approach” and make every closet in your home look the same, your children’s closets will not be functional.  Here are some things to think about when setting up a child’s closet.

For younger children, add a second closet bar at a lower level. They can pick out clothes and put them away without your help. Don’t forget some kid-sized hangers. You can store dress clothes or less frequently worn clothes on the top bar, and as they grow, they can continue to use both bars for shirts, skirts, etc.

A hanging clothes organizer can be a great addition to a younger child’s closet. These hanging shelves usually have 5-7 “cubbies”. You can label five of the cubbies Monday-Friday. On Sunday, you and your child can work together to choose outfits for the week.  Not only will this make school mornings easier, but it also teaches your child how to plan ahead.

Adults often have the challenge of storing off-season clothes. Children don’t typically have much off-season clothing, because they grow so quickly. Instead, they frequently have hand-me-down clothes from siblings, friends, or neighbors.  Shelving in the upper third of the closet is great for storing hand-me-down clothes.  Use containers on these higher shelves to organize the hand-me-downs by size.

Keep a container (box or basket) handy for items to donate or sell.  As soon as an item becomes too small, put it right in the container.  When the container fills up, empty it and donate it. Being organized is a learned skill. Help your child learn to be organized…starting with their closet!

-Donna Lindley, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Rochester Hills, MI-based Organize Your World, Inc

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