Organize Your Lawn and Garden Shed


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As the temperatures start to rise (slowly!), the birds start chirping, and the flowers begin to bloom, it is a sure sign that spring is here!  By organizing your lawn and garden shed, you can avoid throwing your back out while leaning over the mower to reach the bag of potting soil.  You can also save money by knowing what you have and purchasing only what you need (not unnecessary duplicates).  Whether you store these items in a shed, your garage, or some other space, follow these tips to get ready for spring.

  1. Schedule Time – Set aside a day when you are expecting good weather. Make it a family project and get everyone involved.  Have boxes for donation items and garbage bags for trash in case you need them.
  2. Empty – Empty the contents of your shed onto your lawn or driveway.
  3. Clean – Now that these things are out, take a few minutes to clean your shed before re-loading it.
  4. Sort – Make a decision – toss, donate or keep. If it is toss, put it right in the garbage, and if you plan to donate, place it in the box.  This is a great time to donate unused items, fix broken things, make a shopping list for anything you need, and clean up the belongings you intend to keep.
  5. Group Like Items – For the things you want to keep, group like items together (gardening tools, gardening supplies like seeds, soil, fertilizer, etc., lawn care, and so on).  If you don’t already have “homes” for these items, then take a minute and designate areas, or zones, for your various categories. The saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” applies to every room in your house…and your shed.
  6. Shop – Shop for any needed garage organization products and install if necessary.  In a small space like a shed, using shelving to take advantage of the vertical space is almost a must.  Bins on the shelves can help group smaller items together.  A gardening cart or a small caddy are a fantastic way to transport everything you need to the area where you are working.  A hook makes it easy to store your hose and avoid the knots.
  7. Put It All Back Together – Put your lawn and garden supplies in their new designated locations, and label any boxes or containers.

An organized lawn and garden shed saves you money, prevents injuries, and gives you the time and energy you need to make your lawn and garden look amazing.  If you’re looking for new additions to your garden area, check out our blog on How To Spruce Up Your Garden!

Donna Lindley, Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Rochester Hills, MI-based Organize Your World, Inc.