Jewelry Storage With Umbra


Jewelry Storage Umbra

My jewelry has always had a way of spreading like bishop’s weed throughout the house – over the vanity, in the cabinet, and on the tables or windowsills (where I absentmindedly remove and leave them). Of course, I may suffer from an organizational impairment, which I am working on in therapy and at my job, but I have risen to the challenge of getting my clutter under control, including my jewelry, with a little help from my employee discount AND from Umbra, one of my favorite companies.

Umbra is a Toronto-based company offering innovative, award-winning organizing and decorative products at affordable prices. One of the unique things about them is that they employ many international designers who bring a diverse wealth of ideas, inspiration and innovation to the creative table. Furthermore, they honor their artists by individually crediting them for their designs. I have to think that honoring and celebrating their designers is one of the secrets to their success, whatever the reasoning behind it.

Employing multiple designers from across the globe means Umbra continually situates itself on the cutting edge of design. Umbra designers breathe fresh life into old ideas, as well as create brand new, inspired, non-derivative, out-of-this-world designs. Their product lines range from bathroom accessories to waste cans to curtain rods (something new). Jewelry storage and display products are extensive and unsurpassed in originality by most competitor products. Umbra jewelry organizing products include jewelry boxes, hanging jewelry storage (including their bestselling Little Black Dress line), and stunning jewelry trees and displays that are as visually intriguing as they are functional.

Here are a few of my favorite Umbra jewelry storage products by category:

Umbra Hanging Jewelry Storage Organizers

Little Black Dress – Sexy and clever, this 39-pocket jewelry organizer hangs right on a closet rod and rolls easily to fit in luggage when traveling. This original Little Black Dress was so popular, they expanded the line with similarly witty jewelry organizing products.

Little Black Corset – Naughty and nice, this jewelry holder harkens to vintage homemade panty girdle storage assemblies with a modern twist. 23 pockets for storage hold plenty of baubles and 20 additional Velcro straps keep bracelets and other accessories secure.

Little Black Corset

Little Mini Black Dress – Smaller than the former organizers but with ample storage and sass (4 zippered compartments with 9 compartments), this little hanging organizer rocks for compact, rollup luggage storage.

Umbra Jewelry Trees

Umbra Venus Jewelry Stand – cleverly references the famous Botticelli Venus with the Umbra’s popular dress motif standing in for her. Fashioned in mesh, with plenty of holes for earring storage, the dress sits atop a storage shell and includes additional overhead arms for storing bracelets and necklaces.

Umbra Venus Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Tree Stand – Flower – is a simple, yet elegant solution for hanging necklaces and other jewelry. A sparse array of flowers suggests a cosmos patch in summer, realized in a design that is both contemporary and utilitarian. 11 different chromed flowers have four petals each for storing a variety of necklaces and bracelets.

Umbra Jewelry Tree Stand Flower

Umbra Ring Holders

Umbra Animal Ring Holders – Compact and minimalist, these little Anigram die-cast zinc ring holders ensure your rings don’t get lost. Made with white bodies and contrasting silver appendages, these little guys are adorable objets d’art. Choose from bunny, reindeer, dog and elephant holders.

Umbra Animal Ring Holders

Elephant Ring Holder – This chrome-plated elephant ring holder, with its clean lines and minimalist design, is absolutely sublime. Hang rings from either the trunk or tusks.

Umbra jewelry displays are as aesthetically pleasing as they are utilitarian and make fabulous gifts for your favorite vixens, your mother, daughter or any jewelry-loving individual in your life. I’m sure you and your gift recipients will enjoy your Umbra products as much as I have mine.



Matt Carr – Little Black Dress

Sung Wook Park and Marcee Ruby – Little Black Corset

Sung Wook Park – Little Mini Black Dress

Luciano Lorenzatti – Umbra Venus Jewelry Stand

Alan Wisniewski – Jewelry Tree Stand

Sung WookPark – Umbra Animal Ring Holders

Joel Yatscoff – Elephant Ring Holder


by Laurie. H