My Closet Is Not Working!


“My existing closet (pantry, garage) just doesn’t work for me.” This is how many conversations start with our new design clients.  Whether yours is an unusually shaped space or a normal closet that just hasn’t gotten our attention yet, our designers have many years of experience solving thousands of our clients’ underutilized space problems. We blend this practical experience with vision,  creativity, and a sincere interest in helping our clients find a better way to organize their things and simplify their lives.

Every Organize-It closet project begins with an in depth description of the available space and a list of your unique requirements and goals.  We want to thoroughly understand the space and how you intend to use it so that we can design an efficient solution that enables easy access to all of your important things. We’ll walk you through a process of measuring and describing both your closet and the items that need to live within. Your input is essential as you become a key member of our design team.

Once we have a clear understanding of the physical space and your vision of how it can be optimized, we use our proprietary 3D Cad design tool to produce detailed drawings of initial design ideas. Our objectives are:

  • Function and Storage
  • Attractiveness
  • Affordability
  • Ease of installation

These objectives are blended in a live, online session, during which we collaborate with you to mold the initial design idea into a perfect solution that maximizes the space and it’s ability work harder for you.

After the design is perfected and finishes are selected, we arrange to ship your system to you.  freedomRail is designed to be strong enough to handle any closet or pantry challenge while being attractive, versatile, and easy to install.  Installation instructions in both video and printed form can be found here and in other locations on our site.  While most installation issues are addressed in these links, we recognize that some situations can require some live discussion between us. We want the project to turn out as initially envisioned. Think of us as your help desk.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation live online or in person with our design experts. Organize-It focuses on your closet needs and will help you turn your space into the closet you’ve always wanted!