Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose house is the most stylish of them all? Mirrors create the illusion of depth and space to make any room feel larger than it really is. Adding mirrors to your home is also an affordable way to add glamour and style to any room of the home.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes to coordinate with any space while adding visual interest to your existing decor. From wall-mounted to free-standing mirrors, you can add a mirror to almost every room of the home. Read on for some great tips and tricks for decorating with mirrors!

“Life is like a mirror.

Smile at it and it smiles back at you.”

Peace Pilgrim


If there is one place in the home you can always count on to have a mirror, it’s the bathroom. A large mirror above the vanity is a must-have for getting ready in the morning. Choose a mirror with a frame for a more traditional look or one without to create a contemporary, modern appearance.

Do you have a double vanity? Consider purchasing two smaller mirrors and hang one above each sink to create a modern look. A huge mirror that spans both sinks provides a modern traditional appearance.


One of the best places to add a mirror is right above your dresser or makeup table. This placement creates a focal point in the room while offering simple convenience. Adding a full-length mirror to the bedroom or walk-in closet allows you to view an outfit in its entirety before leaving the home. The full-length design allows you to view your entire outfit – from the blouse to the shoes – to gauge the entire ensemble.

Child’s Room

Ah, parenting hacks. Where would we be without them? Add a mirror at your child’s eye level so they can study themselves in front of the mirror, which may help them be more conscious of their appearance before they leave home. Place a mirror on the wall near the baby’s changing table to keep your infant occupied while you change their diaper! This will give you a much needed break while you deal with the next biohazard that has appeared in your child’s nappy.

Beside the Front or Back Door

Have you ever left the house forgetting to brush your hair or missing the glob of toothpaste on your chin? Add a mirror next to your exterior door so you can check yourself over one last time before rushing out of the house. A small round or square mirror at eye-level is perfect for last minute glances.

Over a Fireplace

Add warmth to the main living room by placing a large mirror over the fireplace. Add the mirror right above the mantle to create a dramatic effect. You can then add candles, vases, and other decorative items to the mantle to add simple display – and the mirror will reflect the items for a stylish look. No mantle? Don’t worry. The mirror will reflect the other decorations in the room to add depth and color.

Over a Buffet

Add a large mirror above the buffet, sideboard, or server in the dining room to make the space seem larger. Add candles to the sideboard or your dining room table to create a romantic atmosphere. The mirror will reflect the array of food on the dining room table, creating a picturesque scene.

In a Hallway

Hallways and entryways are often the smallest spaces in your home. A
strategically-placed mirror makes the small space seem larger than it really is while adding style to an often overlooked space. Idea: place several small mirrors on the wall to create a visually interesting collage of mirrors.

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