Made in the USA – Homewares for the 4th of July!


In honor of Independence Day, we have lined up the best storage and organization products made in America just for you! Proving that American-Made counts, these creative manufacturers have been busy finding ways to make homewares better and more affordable by making them here, at home.

Here are our favorite picks of organizing products Made in the USA!

Jewelry Rax
Made in the USA and relatively new on the market, the Jewelry Rax is a true organizing hero. This handy jewelry organizer mounts to the wall and offers easy access to your most frequently used gems.

Deck Box - Outdoor Storage Box
Summer is heating up! Get that patio neat and tidy with the help of the Deck Box – Outdoor Storage Box! This patio storage box is great for extra cushions, outdoor entertaining supplies and pool toys.

Ultimate Airtight Handy File Box
A tried-and-true organizing favorite in America and around the world, a plastic file box, such as the Ultimate Airtight Handy File Box is a must have in the home or professional office.

My Space My Place Bookcase Headboard
Storage headboards are a great solution to kids and teens cluttery-natures! The My Space My Place Bookcase Headboard is sleek, modern and made right here in the USA!

Expanding Wall Pot Rack - Recycled Steel
This Expanding Wall Pot Rack – Recycled Steel adds storage to the kitchen for pots, pans and also cookbooks! Made in the USA of recycled steel for added eco-friendly appeal.

Whatever your 4th of July plans are this year, sneak in some Made in the USA shopping to keep your patriotic spirit alive and well!