9 Ways to Use a Lazy Susan


lazy Susans 9 uses

9 Ways to Use Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are among the most versatile kitchen accessories you’ll find. They make food accessible in your cupboard or fridge and can be used for serving as well. And they aren’t limited to food storage either! Use them for cosmetics, hobbies, small tool organizing and more. Here are 9 storage ideas for getting organized with your lazy Susan.

1. Spice and Herb Storage

Make spices in your cupboard completely accessible while saving tons of space.

2. Vitamins, Supplements and Pill Storage

Organize pills, vitamins, food additives and all those miscellaneous items that tend to get scattered around your cupboards. Lazy Susans rock for maximizing space.

3. Refrigerator Corner Storage

Use a lazy Susan in your refrigerator to maximize space and make small condiments and other items easily accessible.

two-tier lazy susan

4. Condiment Server

Add a lazy Susan to your dinner table for serving condiments, sugar, butter and other items. Single-level lazy Susans come in a variety of materials including wood and marble – so they make LOVELY centerpieces for your dinner table.

5. Cheese Server

Lazy Susan turntables make fabulous cheese and bread servers and may be used on a counter, table or buffet.

6. Craft Paint Organizing

Organize your craft paints, ink or other small crafting supplies right on your work table for convenient access to your favorite tools.

7. Tole Painting Carousel

Tole painting is so much easier if you arrange your cups and other items on a turntable so you can spin as you paint, switching between items and colors. Lazy Susans make great production tools for painting miniatures, figurines and model kits too.

8. Cosmetic Organizer

Organize makeup, nail polish and other beautifying products right on your dresser to maximize your space and keep your essentials neat and consolidated.

lazy susan stainless steel

9. Tea and Coffee Bar

Your lazy Susan makes an excellent mini-coffee bar or tea-serving station. Use it on the table, your food bar, or even on your patio for warm summer snacks or loungeful weekend mornings.

Organize-It has a huge selection of lazy Susans in every material imaginable including marble, wood, bamboo and steel. Multi-tiered, in-cabinet lazy Susans are extreme space savers and make great use of awkward corner spaces. Shop Organize-It lazy Susan turntables for more great ideas.

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by Laurie Halbritter