Laundry Room Space Savers


1. Collapsible Drying Rack

Freestanding drying racks take up a lot of space in the laundry room, but you can maximize the available space with a wall mounted drying rack.

This Telescoping Wall-Mount Drying Rack is designed to expand in depth so you can easily hang clothes up to dry. Mount the drying rack above the dryer to save additional space in the laundry room.

Other drying racks are available so you can lay clothing flat to dry. The Mesh Sweater Drying Rack is designed to keep your clothing flat when it dries, and you can stack multiple racks together to save on space.

2. Slim Cart

Is there a small space between your washer and dryer? Take advantage of the unused space with a slim rolling storage cart.

The shelves allow you to store everything from launder detergent to stain remover, allowing you to store the products you need right where you need them. Most slim carts feature rolling casters so you can easily pull the cart out as needed.

3. Hanger Valets

Hanger valets and holders are ideal for creating and maintaining a more organized laundry room or closet. These hanger holders are ideal for hanging clothes to air dry or storing clothing fresh out of the dryer.

The hanger valet folds out for easy use and then folds flat to the wall when not in use. Several styles and colors are available to complement most any space.

If you’re limited on space, we also offer over the door options that do not require tools or hardware to install, and are great for use in laundry rooms, closets, and bedrooms.

4. Fold-Out Ironing Board

Use a fold-out laundry board to save space in the utility room while giving yourself a handy place to iron wrinkles out of garments. You can also use the ironing board to fold clothing before distributing them to their owners.

Most fold-out ironing boards are designed to mount to the wall or into the wall. The ironing board pictured is designed to attach over the door to eliminate the need for permanent installation.

Can’t accommodate a fold-out ironing board? No problem! Use an Iron and Iron Board Holder to keep both your ironing board and your iron conveniently stored. These space-savers are designed to mount to the wall or hang over the door in order to save space in the utility room.

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