Kitchen Sink Organizing


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How to Organize Your Sink for a More Efficient Kitchen

Our kitchen sinks get a lot of action, so it’s essential to keep them organized. They are a place where dishes, utensils and even cleaning supplies can accumulate and, when disorganized, the kitchen becomes less efficient (and less attractive).

If you find your sink area is frequently cluttered, do an assessment and toss items you don’t use. *You might also like our kitchen toss post on our sister site, Clutter Control Freak. If you never use a particular cleaner, maybe it’s because you don’t like it. Toss it or give it away. Feel free to let go of those gnarly old dish scrubbers too.

While you’re assessing what you don’t need, are there items that would be better stored beneath your sink (this would make for a cleaner counter appearance)? If you’re in the kitchen a lot, or if you cook a lot at home, you may find it’s better to have some items accessible and others neatly stored beneath the sink or on over-cabinet-door organizers.

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Sink and Counter Organizers

Sink organizers come in countertop and in-sink models. This brush and sponge holder hangs over the kitchen faucet, providing draining storage for cleaning supplies. The OXO stainless steel organizer includes onboard drainage and keeps brushes and soap stationary while keeping soap corralled. Other sink caddies, including suction types are available on Organize-its sink organizing page.

Under-Sink Organizers

expandable sink organizerUnder-sink organizers are great for larger cleaning supplies, those less often used, and they keep things hidden from view for a tidy appearance. Sturdy steel pull-out models have double-tiered designs to hold lots of cleaners and supplies and an expandable plastic model is available for odd sink configurations and you can customize it to suit yours.

Over-Cabinet Door Organizers

cabinet door organizerOver-cabinet door organizers give you storage space in unused segments of your cabinetry. Provided your cabinet doors are a standard width, installation is easy—just hook it over the cabinet and instantly expand your kitchen storage. Great for small kitchens with inefficient built-in storage, over-cabinet door organizers come in a variety of designs to store, not only cleaning supplies, but food wraps, spices, pan lids and more.

Whether you have a large sink and expansive counter, or you live in a tiny house, you’re sure to find products to organize that area of your kitchen at Organize-It. Remember, a big part of getting organized is to frequently assess your belongings and ask yourself if you need them. The other two parts are having efficient storage implements and developing good, consistent cleaning and organizing habits.