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Traveling, while potentially fun, can also be stressful. Finding secure, yet manageable jewelry organizers for safe travel and TSA issues are always a concern : What size bottles do I need for liquids? How should they be labeled? What kind of food can I take? For people who NEED jewelry, there are other worries, such as customs/inspections and secure storage in hotel rooms.

When passing through metal detectors, you really need your jewelry consolidated into something that’s accessible and easy for workers to pull out, inspect and return to your luggage. Vinyl-pocketed jewelry storage hangers are a great choice as many can be rolled in your luggage and later unrolled and hung from a closet rod in your hotel room.

Hanging Jewelry Organizers

  1. The Umbra Little Black Corset measures only 8 W by 18.75 H x .5 D inches and has 23 clear pockets for storing jewelry, plus 20 Velcro straps for hanging bracelets and other items. This makes a great travel companion because it provides hanging storage and visibility. With a little luck, the luggage inspectors might NOT excessively paw through your jewelry.
  2. The Hanging Jewelry Organizer has many of the same benefits as the hanging corset in a 28-pocket design with 14 Velcro straps for accessories. A convenient, swivel hook makes both sides accessible.
  3. The larger-needs 80 Pocket Canvas Jewelry Organizer is great for longer trips or for the traveler who absolutely adores jewelry. Double sided, with a provided hanger, this organizer can also hold other travel accessories, or you can share it with family members.

Travel Jewelry Cases

Travel Jewelry Cases provide more secure storage for your valuable jewelry and accessories. Hard shell, latched varieties offer padding and protection and may fit in a hotel safe for extra secure storage.

  1. The Black Faux Suede Jewelry Case has a latched lid and flocked interior to protect your jewelry. It measures 10.5 W x 2.5 H x 7.25 D inches, making it a good fit for many hotel safes.
  2. The Leather Jewelry Carrier is padded for protection and small enough for onboard luggage. It measures only 8.25 W x 5 H x 1.25 D inches and fits nicely in a briefcase or other compact bag.

Other travel jewelry cases are available on our website, and, of course, we carry plenty of home jewelry storage cases and jewelry cleaning products as well.

by Laurie H.


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