How to Repair Holes in Drywall



Are your walls damaged from hanging up pictures, shelves, and other items on the wall? Don’t worry, you’ll get your security deposit back! Repairing small holes in the wall is almost as easy as it was to create them in the first place. Simply repair the small holes or dents in your wall and your landlord will never be the wiser.

Getting started. Gather the following supplies,

  1. Scraping tool
  2. Spackle
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Paint

How to repair small holes in your drywall.

  1. Scrape away any loose debris to create a smooth area using a scraping tool.
  2. Using the same scraping material, apply lightweight Spackle over the hole and smooth down the area. Allow to dry according to instructions.
  3. More Spackle! If the hole is not fully filled, repeat step 2.
  4. Sand the surface smooth when the hole is completely filled with Spackle.
  5. Paint the area using matching paint to hide the repair to the drywall.

There you have it! In five steps or less you have a fully repaired wall that will look just like new.