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Homemade Christmas ornaments make lovely gifts that you can pass on to future generations, but finding the time to make them, even for super-crafty folks, can be an issue. I personally love making gifts but in recent years, my life has not afforded me the spare time I need to create.

red mixed christmas ornamentRecently on Twitter, I stumbled upon the next best thing to making gifts yourself, which is buying gifts created by a skilled artisan. More specifically, I saw some gorgeous, quilted, homemade ornaments made by a woman named Rebecca Turkovics. I’ve always been fascinated by quilting but never learned how to do it – and I also absolutely adore handmade ornaments. Rebecca’s work totally dazzled me.

Her ornaments are comprised of geometric patterns that are quilted from fabric to conform to Styrofoam ball supports, and embellished with a wide variety of ribbons, sequins and notions. These stunning Christmas ornaments come in a myriad of patterns, colors and variations, each imbued with its own distinct personality.

red christmas ornamentIt’s wonderful how Rebecca turned her lifelong love of crafting into a successful internet business. After discovering quilted ornaments on Pinterest, she decided to try her hand at ornament-making and was instantly hooked. Now she has her own website and sells on Etsy. Also, Rebecca can be found all over social media sites engaging with other crafters and promoting her delightful, inspiring little creations.

Her ornaments aren’t limited to Christmas or winter themes either. She fabricates ornaments for all occasions including Hanukkah, Easter, Halloween and even more general fall themes. Some are purely geometric designs, while others contrast the geometry with literal characters or objects – such as fairies or pumpkin motifs. Her homemade ornaments are appropriate for hanging from trees, displaying in baskets, attaching to windows, hanging from ornament stands, or displaying anywhere around your home as a decorative accent.

I’m so happy to have discovered Rebecca’s homemade ornaments, so thoughtfully designed and crafted with love – and am glad to have the opportunity to share them here with our customers. Be sure to check out her website for beautiful handmade gifts for those special people in your life.

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