Holiday Chafing and Serving Dishes


If you have hosted the holidays, you know how difficult it is to keep food warm during the meal. Chafing dishes are the antidote with choices of single or multiple burners to keep foods heated for hours. Below are several options, including some just-in selections from our online store. We also have serving options for room-temperature appetizers, as seen below. For a more complete selection, be sure to check out our buffet supplies page at Organize-It.

chafing dish 7 quart

Chafing Dish – 7 Quart

For large gatherings, this large-size, stainless steel chafing dish keeps food warm for hours. Two fuel holders provide plenty of heat and the dish includes a 2.5-inch tall steaming pan, a built-in steam vent, a slow-open, hinged top, and stylish feet that keep the server well above the table top. This server is as attractive as it is functional, making it a splendid server for weddings, Christmas, Bah mitzvahs, Thanksgiving, or any event where food is served.

copper chafing dish 6 quart

Copper Chafing Dish – 6 Quart

This hammered-finish copper chafing dish gives an Old World look to your buffet, while providing 6 quarts of warm food storage for your foods. This twisted wrought-iron-style legs add a visually-pleasing detail and the copper-finished stainless steel ensures a long life and easy cleaning.

copper chafing dish 3 quart

Copper Chafing Dish – 3 Quart

For smaller gatherings, or simply smaller food batches, this 3-quart dish makes an attractive, heated food server for your guests. A single bottom burner keeps food hot, and the small, 15-inch footprint takes up little space on your table or buffet. This model is also available in a stainless steel finish.

food servers set of 3

Food Servers – Set of 3

For small appetizers, this set of three ceramic servers make a dazzling display. Whether you have meatballs, deviled eggs, or other hors d’oeuvres, you’ll love the style and usefulness of this set. Ceramic dishes are removable for cleaning and the servers are tiered for compact storage, one beneath the other.