Hit the road with purpose: the needs, wants and musts of any road trip


Road trips are the perfect getaway for family, friends and even our four-legged companions.

As summer begins, we start to feel that vacation itch, but skipping out of the office for the next flight isn’t always possible. That’s why we at Organize-It love the idea of weekend road trips. They’re a quick getaway for less money, less effort and less hassle.


View of the Muskegon River. // Photo courtesy snre.umich.edu.

Last weekend I packed up the car and headed for Marion, Mich. for some good ol’ camping on the Muskegon River. And, of course, we forgot just about everything. There’s nothing worse.

I take that back. Have you ever kayaked in the rain?

Yeah, I hadn’t before either.

Forgetting the little things on the first road trip of summer 2015 has me already packed and prepared for the next. I learned from my rustic faux pas pretty quickly, and now I’m happy to share my highway wisdom. So, without further ado, I present:

Organize-It’s top five summer road trip must-haves

It’s not the destination; it’s the journey, right? Getting there is half the battle, and you want to make sure you get there in one piece. At Organize-It, we offer plenty of Cell Phone Holders that are perfect for helping you get where you’re going.

dash-mat-blackThe Dash Mat is a great example. This handy little dashboard grip is perfect for keeping tollbooth change, sunglasses, iPod’s and more secure while you’re on the road. The gripping surface applies with no need for adhesive and removes without leaving behind any residue. And, of course, it keeps your hands off of your devices and on the wheel.

Distracted driving certainly is a no-no, but we all know the pain of juggling your GPS or smartphone to get a glance at the map while driving. The GPS and Phone Stand for Dash is the best way to avoid that mistake. This universal GPS holder is designed to accommodate a wide range of GPS navigation systems and cell phones.

Of course, comfort and organization are an important part of any road trip.

And snacks. Lots of snacks.

We offer a multitude of Car Seat Organizers designed to meet those needs.

First, gaze in awe at the simple but genius Car Seat Catcher. This set of two car seat gap fillers are made to snugly fit between the center counsel and car seats. And there they sit, ready to catch every dropped French fry, candy, coin and more. These car seat pockets are incredibly easy to take in and out and clean.

But, back to what really got your attention: snacks.

car_coolerHow can anyone be expected to sit in a tiny heat box on wheels for hours without a nice cool drink or your favorite guilty pleasure junk food. The Back Seat Organizer and Cooler is what you need. The insulated interior of this back seat cooler keeps your goods cold, while the 10 outside pockets help organize any other car ride necessities such as card games, maps, headphones and more. You could use it to pack some healthy lunches and avoid greasy drive-thrus, but you’re on vacation, right? We won’t judge you.

And, finally, what trip is complete without the company of your best friend —the furry kind.

Sure, traveling with pets provides another world of difficulties, but luckily we offer an excellent collection of Pet Carriers and Travel Accessories to solve those problems.

dog_bottleKennels and auto dividers aside, the most convenient offer we have is the Portable Pet Water Bottle and Drinking Bowl. This handy dog water bottle is designed keep man’s best friend hydrated without the bulk or hassle of traditional pet bowls. The bowl fits snug against the bottle and unfolds when needed, allowing you help your pet freshen up in the car, at a rest stop, camp site or anywhere in between. Just remember to make some pit stops for Sparky!

Well, there you have it. These simple solutions will make your travel a breeze.

And if you really want to be a hero, pack some disposable rain ponchos. Trust me.

As always, find these helpful products and more like them at organizeit.com.