Garden Storage – Fall Ideas


garden storage ideas

Garden Storage Ideas to Give You Peace of Mind for the Holiday Season

An organized garden gets you set for the winter and I have lots of seasonal garden storage ideas for you. Patio furniture, gardening tools and other garden accessories all need to be protected from the elements, whether stored outside or inside garages and sheds.

You probably paid a lot for your outdoor furniture and want to protect your investment, as improper storage diminishes its life. Patio covers keep your furniture dry and protected from the elements. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have room for garden storage in your garage or shed, dust and other debris tends to accumulate on stored furniture pieces, leaving a mess to clean up come spring. Patio covers are an inexpensive way to extend the life of all your outdoor furniture, while keeping it clean for the next season.

Even if you don’t have a storage structure to keep them in, our weather-resistant outdoor furniture covers will ensure your furniture is clean and usable come spring. Barbecue covers, chair covers, outdoor heater covers, and table covers are a few of the garden storage accessories we carry. All are made of durable polyester with waterproof PVC liners, and include fasteners to secure them in the wind.

Deck boxes are an excellent solution to garden storage and are great for your hoses, gardening tools, watering cans, and other necessities. Made of durable, fade-resistant resin, they come in a variety of sizes for your needs and some double as benches. A 22-inch one is ideal for storing hoses and small tools, longer, 46-inch boxes are available for bigger storage needs. Whether you relocate them to the garage, or leave them out on your deck, they provide year-round garden tool organization.

If you own a shed or garage, you have even more options for garden storage and we carry almost anything you need to get your space organized, from hanging, gridded wall storage systems to cabinets to overhead storage solutions. Bike racks keep unused bikes out of the way and overhead bike racks make great use of unused space while keeping your floors clear. Check out our garage category for everything garage-related and read this shed storage post on our Clutter Control Freak sister blog for even more ideas!

Once you complete your fall garden storage chores, you can relax and enjoy the holidays knowing you’ve prepared for the colder months. Also, be sure to pat yourself on the back for getting your outdoor living space organized. You rock!