Free Wheeling with Storage Set on Caster Wheels


Your bike’s not the only thing with wheels in your garage, there are all sorts of garage accessories made better by caster wheels. From hand carts to garage stools, here are a few items that might come in handy around the garage.

Scooter Seat by Cramer by Cramer


For anyone who spends hours in the workshop, having the right seating is key. The Scooter Seat is set on casters and has a compact design that makes it easy to move around a car, bike or workbench. A durable metal design allows this stool to stand up to garage wear and tear.



42.5 Inch Tuffy Three Tier Cart with Topaz Shelves by H. WILSON


Your chair isn’t the only thing that benefits from a set a wheels, having a cart you can wheel around with you makes any project easier. The 42.5 Inch Tuffy Three Tier Cart with Topaz Shelves provides plenty of shelf space for storing the tools you’re using. Simply wheel this cart into place when it’s time to work on a project.



Professional Tool Cart by Excel International


You can also store all your tools on wheels with the Professional Tool Cart. This tool box has variously sized drawers for storing different types of tools. Use the open lower shelf for easy access to larger items, like electric hand sanders.



My Cart 2 Hand Truck by Narita Trading


For moving larger items the My Cart 2 Hand Truck provides a helping hand. Place heavier items on this cart for easy moving. Folding flat, this cart can be stored in a closet or cabinet when not in use.




Tool Rack with Wheels


There are all sorts of oddly shaped items that need to be stored in the garage. Using storage like the Tool Rack with Wheels makes it easy to move these cumbersome items around and then store them. Hanging hooks allow you to store everything from brooms to power cords, all in one place.

Add storage or seating to the garage with the convenience of casters.