Father’s Day gift ideas: the trend of male grooming


Summer begins on Sunday, June 21, this year — but that date means something else, too. It’s the day of Dad. The day of pop, padre, daddy and pa. The day to honor and thank the brave men who have taught us the art of grilling, how to throw a punch and how to abuse the greatness of duct tape.

These men know what they like. They enjoy the quiet outdoors from the seat of a lawn mower. They enjoy Sundays on the couch with a cold one in their hand. And lately, reports say, they’re finding enjoyment in their good looks too.

Manscaping, mampering and the dad bod
Lame internet slang aside, men’s grooming is a booming trend. The men of today are not ashamed to admit they put the time, money and effort into their appearance much like their female counterparts do. The glorious resurgence of the rugged beard is just one example of how stylish it is to be a man.

So instead of adding to the collection of ties your pops has been hoarding in the back of his closet since 1983, or another inevitable “World’s Best Dad” trinket, let’s give dads everywhere the right to be fabulous— or at least properly groomed.

Our wide collection of Vanity and Sink Accessories includes many must-haves to help dad be his best man. And hey, mom will be happy too.

Here are just a few ideas:

shave_oneSilver Shave Set and Soap Dish
There isn’t a man on earth who doesn’t look dashing after a fresh, clean shave, and this three-piece shaving brush set is sure to strike gold with any father figure. This set includes a custom razor, a badger hair cream brush and a hybrid stand/soap dish. All pieces come in a masculine brushed steel finish, and the razor fits with easy-to-find Mach 3 blades. Make the morning ritual of shaving a spa-like experience for the man in your life.

Lighted Fogless Mirror with Clockshave_mirror
This shower shaving mirror is perfect for dads with little time to spare in the morning. Kill two birds with one stone by using this illuminated mirror in the shower to get a close and safe shave. This deluxe mirror features LED lights and an automatic clock. The fogless mirror can be mounted three different ways and it comes packed with the hardware for all options. A trial size of special fogless mirror cleaner comes included.

Plastic Razor Buddy
For the low-maintenance guys who prefer a simple can of shaving cream and a disposable razor, this handy razor clip is perfect. The convenient l plastic ring snaps on to any average sized can of shaving cream and includes a clip for your razor. This way, shaving necessities stay together and cleanup is a cinch.razor_buddy

With these choices and other great Father’s Day gift ideas at organizeit.com, your mister is sure to be one step closer to being a perfectly pampered papa.