Creative earring storage ideas


earrings storage

I’m a big fan of stud earrings. They’re easy to wear for days at a time and they’re super simple to store. There are a couple pairs of stud earrings that I have in my regular rotation and I would love an easy way to access them. So I did some research and tried out some not-so-typical means.

For a new storage piece for my earrings, I headed into the kitchen. It seems strange, but there are a lot of similarities between the storage pieces in your kitchen and vanity. Here are some creative storage options I tried out:

Glass Sugar Bowl Image

3. Sugar bowl: The most obvious thing I could think to go to first was a sugar bowl. This clear, glass design features a lid and overall cute design that is a great accent for vanities. I really liked the overall idea of this piece. The glass is a great compliment to the decor I already have and it looked very nice with my other vanity pieces. The eight ounce capacity is perfect — I could throw in a few pairs of my studs and easily find them the next time I wanted them. But it just wasn’t it for me.

Olive Wood Salt Keeper Image

2. Salt Cellar: This small olive wood container was a really close second for me. It’s the same basic idea as the sugar bowl, but it offers a warmer, more natural decor accent. If you have a larger vanity space or counter top, this small bowl with lid would be an easy solution for you. The natural wood grain is a beautiful compliment to any decor. The hinged lid swivels 260 degrees, which is a really neat feature. This unique piece is a great option for creative earring storage.

Magnetic Spice Tin Image

1. Spice Tin:
This was my winner. The small tin is made from stainless steel so it’s rust proof and super durable. The clear window on top lets me see which earrings I have inside and the silicone seal keeps everything tightly together. For me, it combines the pros of both the sugar bowl and the salt cellar — plus some. The magnetic back is my favorite part; this little organizer adheres to all metal surfaces. I leave about five pairs of stud earrings in this tin and I keep it stuck to the frame of my vanity mirror. It’s perfection!