Create custom storage with the drop front shoe box


There are some shoes that just require the Cadillac of storage. For those perfect pumps or flashy sneakers, it is important to keep them looking as new as possible and the only way to do that is to completely protect them from the busy environment of your home.


During a recent move I thinned out my shoe collection and decided only to keep my very favorites; but these survivors needed the best of the best storage — they weren’t just going to sit on a rack in the front closet.

For my treasured kicks, I discovered the drop front shoe box. For those not familiar, a drop front shoe box is a standard plastic tote with a top lid — only it features a unique opening front piece that allows you to access shoes when these boxes are stacked on top of each other.

The style that I found comes in two different sizes. The large is perfect for a pair on men’s dress shoes, while the small is great for ballet flats or sandals. I decided to purchase five of each and stack them across the top shelf of my closet. I am so happy with theses  sturdy boxes! They’re made from crystal clear high-impact plastic so I can easily tell which pair is where  — something that makes my morning routine all the much easier. The strong build is very reliable and long-listing, plus the complete design protects my expensive habit from dirt, dust and even pets! They stack so nicely; straight, even and they do not move or teeter when I open a box and pull out a pair of shoes.

These convenient boxes have multiple uses, too. You can get matching dividers so you can use them to sort things like socks or tights.

I highly recommend these storage boxes, even if you’re just looking to store a choice few of your collection.