Dorm Bathroom Essentials – 10 Employee Picks – Laurie


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Dorm Bathroom Essentials Employee Picks – from my Organized World to Yours – Laurie

No one is going to argue that dorm bathrooms aren’t the suckiest part of living on campus. It’s just a fact. Whether you share a suite with three or more people you don’t know or you have to lug your bucket of beauty aids down the hall to use community showers, dorm bathrooms will most likely make you um, appreciate your childhood home.

There’s never enough room in dorms for all of your stuff, your clothes, the universe and possessions that you have grown to depend on, the stuff that makes you YOU. Let’s face it, dorms were not really made for humans! But there you are. You have no choice really, but to make the best of it, bite the bullet, reduce, embrace a minimalist lifestyle, and go get an education. There will be inconveniences. Lots. But I’m going to make your life easier, by sharing some products with you, my very favorite, tried and true bath products. With a little luck, these will get your own gears turning for back-to-school preparation.

dorm bath caddy

1. Dorm Bath Caddy

Lightweight, but with lots of compartments for your bath gear, this portable caddy is perfect for lugging your bath accessories down to the community bath – or to your in-suite shared dorm bath. Two large compartments hold large shampoos and skin products and three smaller middle compartments are great for soap, razors and loofahs. Aside from transporting your stuff, this keeps all your bath essentials corralled in one convenient place. Cost: $6.99.

shower rod caddy

2. Shower Rod Caddy

When you share a dorm bathroom, or if you’re lucky enough to have your own, this over-rod shower caddy is great for holding all your toiletries. It has six pockets (three large and three small) for shampoo, soap, foot stones and more… The best part is that it’s made of mesh so it easily drains and keeps your accessories dry. Cost: $9.99.

shower head caddy

3. Over-Showerhead Caddy

This shower caddy is my top pick for in-room bathrooms as it has two adjustable shelves and lots of onboard storage for shampoo, razors, soap and more. The bottom soap dish has two integrated hooks for hanging wash clothes or loofahs. It requires no tools for installation and costs only $21.99.

hairdryer iron holder

4. Hairdryer – Iron Holder

The beauty of this hairdryer holder is it’s simplicity. Plus, it takes up little space and you can use it on a vanity, a dresser, or some other flat space. Because it’s freestanding, there’s no screws or drills to worry about. The resting surfaces are made of heat-resistant silicone, so there’s no worry about burning mishaps, provided you remember to unplug the iron. It includes storage for one hairdryer and one curling iron. Cost: 15.99.

over-tank storage

5. Over-Tank Storage Basket

Provided your dorm toilet has a tank (and maybe it doesn’t), this over-tank wire storage basket is a great way to make extra storage space in that underutilized place next to the toilet. Just lift up the lid and hook it over the rim and tah-dah, instant storage for Kleenex, your hairdryer, or any variety of bath essentials. Cost: $12.99

over-door towel rack

6. Over-Door Towel Rack

Not enough towel racks in your dorm bathroom? The over-door rack to the rescue! This one has three hanger bars for towels and washcloths and fits easily over any standard-thickness door. Cost: $31.99

clear tote

7. Clear Tote

A waterproof, clear tote is a great multipurpose bag for down-the-hall shower use and more. Along with carrying towels and bath accessories, this bag will meet safety requirements for football games and other events, thanks to the clear, zippered design. Cost: $10.99


8. Shower Squeegee

Save cleaning time by using a shower squeegee after each shower session. Get your roomies on board with your routine and quadruple the fun. This one by OXO works great and has a built-in hook for hanging storage. Cost: $9.99.

makeup storage

9. Makeup Storage Box

Put your face on anywhere with this makeup storage box by Umbra. Stylish and functional, this box has a smartly-designed handle for carrying, a bottom drawer for pencils and mascaras, and three upright bins for your brushes and other accessories. It’s also great for storing nail files and other nail accessories. Cost: $29.99.

shower storage suction

10. Shower Accessory Holder – Suction

This is yet another great way to hold bathroom accessories on a shower wall without tools, holes or trouble. This suction accessory holder is 15-inches long with lots of room for storage and drainage holes to release moisture and prevent mildew. Cost: $9.99.