Create Your Own DIY Storage Ottoman


A great storage ottoman is a must-have piece of furniture for my living room. I keep mine in front of a cozy chair and fill it with some extra throw blankets; it’s nice to have blankets at hand without cluttering up the couch. Storage furniture can cost a pretty penny, though, and it’s not always a feasible buy. Well, I have good news. You can craft your own DIY storage ottoman with nothing more than a basic plastic storage tote and a few supplies.

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My favorite storage ottoman had been on its last leg for a while now and it finally gave in this past weekend. I’ve been scavenging the internet trying to find a replacement, but I just don’t have the extra cash to blow on it right now. Lucky for me, I found this awesome DIY project to craft my own. The Darling Petunia Blog has a great example of this project, including some photos featuring her adorable feline helper. All you need is a tote, some foam (and cotton batting if you desire) and your choice of fabric. This is a real simple project for beginner sewers, so don’t sweat it.

First, Darling Petunia says, you want to cut your foam to fit the top of your storage bin. Then attach it to the lid using a heavy duty adhesive; I just used my trusty hot glue gun for this step. Next, if you opted to the batting, lay it over the foam to soften some sharp sides. Then all you have to do is create the slip cover.

For the cover, you need one piece of fabric the size of the top of the lid, plus a few long strips that will cover the sides of the foam. Lastly, you need some long panels to cover the sides of the bin. You can choose to pleat the corners, but it’s not a necessary step.

I love this project because it’s super inexpensive, hands-on but EASY. Creating this DIY storage ottoman takes very little time and can quickly be replaced if the tub gets beat up by pets or kids. I’ve even made a few separate covers so I can switch out the fabric when I feel like; It’s a great way to freshen up the style of a room!