Corner Display Shelf for Indoor Green Space


One of the things I dislike most about living in a small apartment is the lack of green space. While there are a quite a few apartments with outdoor space in my city, for some reason we have always ended up with places that are severely lacking in open outdoor areas. Having plants all around is a great way to lift your spirits and add a touch of décor to your home. Luckily there are some ways to make space for greenery in your small apartment – the best of which is using a corner display shelf!

Because most apartments that do not have outdoor space are usually pretty small, you need to be thrifty with the size of the shelf. Using a large, bulky shelf can take up valuable floor space. If you decide to go with a wall-mounted shelf, you do not lose floor space but it can be too conspicuous in the home. That is why it is a great choice to go with a corner display shelf.

A corner display shelf provides plenty of space for a hanging vine, a tomato plant, a colorful display of flowers, or even an herb garden! Despite providing plenty of room for a little greenery in your apartment, a corner display shelf takes up absolutely no floor space and has a very inconspicuous appearance. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and being able to pick some fresh vegetables for a homemade salad!Corner Display Shelf

One great corner display shelf for your indoor green space is the Corner Shelf by Creative Connectors. This simple floating corner shelf provides a great space for any type of plant, and is very easy to install. Be sure to mount the corner shelf to the studs in your home, especially if you are using a large potted plant. While this corner display shelf is very sturdy, it needs support to prevent your indoor garden from crashing to the floor!