Closet Shoe Storage Tips – Bigger Is Not Better


I have to admit, my wife and I can be quite messy when it comes to proper closet shoe storage and organization. When one of us needs to find a seldom worn pair of shoes, it ends up being a “search and rescue” operation for that shoe. Diving into the dark depths of our entryway closet, it’s not unheard of for one of us to waste an entire morning or afternoon searching for the missing pair of footwear.

When we first moved into our apartment, we thought the best way to organize and store our shoes was to use a large plastic tub. At first, that seemed like a great closet shoe storage solution. The tub was durable and rugged and we did not have to worry about it breaking or cracking. Also, the tub provided incredible storage capacity, able to hold both of our shoes with ease.

However, this plastic tub ended up not being the viable closet shoe storage we thought it would be. After a few weeks of using this method to store our shoes, we ran into some issues.

My wife was running late for a very important meeting, and needed to find one particular pair of shoes. She needed to find this one pair of shoes, and these shoes only. The client she was meeting with loves glittery purple shoes. My wife needed the meeting to go well, so she needed to wear those glitter shoes.

You can imagine how cluttered your closet shoe storage is when your wife can’t even find her purple glitter shoes! Those things shine like a diamond in the sun! When we finally did find the shoes at the bottom of the tub, she was running super late! She barely made it to her meeting on time.

Closet Shoe Storage

But we found the closet shoe storage of our dreams…

After that close call we knew something needed to be done to improve our closet shoe storage. We purchased a handful of 2-Tier Stackable Shoe Racks, using them modularly to store and display our shoes. What sets these racks apart from typical shoe storage is that they provide display as well as storage. That way when you need to find a specific shoe, you don’t have to go digging around in a bucket for said shoe.