2019 Christmas Storage Ideas



The guests have left, the toys have been played with, and we’re all back to work/school. It’s now time to take down the holiday decorations and find ways to keep them safe for 11 months. At Organize-It, we strive to help you find affordable and innovative ways to store your decorations! The following 5 organizers are sure to make packing up your decorations less of a chore.

  1. Ornament Boxes. Use specially-made ornament boxes, chests, and other containers to keep your bulbs stored, and separated to prevent damage.
  2. Christmas Tree Bag. Use artificial Christmas tree bags to keep your tree safely stored year after year. Go green! Save a tree by reusing a reusable artificial tree.
  3. Gift Wrap Organizer. Save some money by storing leftover gift wrap, ribbon, bows, gift tags, and other wrapping accessories in one convenient location.
  4. Wreath Storage Bag. Keep your holiday wreath protected between each holiday season. Also works with fall, summer, and spring-themed wreaths!
  5. Light Storage Bag. What’s worse than untangling lights every year? No more! With our light organizers you can easily wind light strands of lights around spools and then store them inside a custom bag – ensuring they are ready and easy to unpack next year!