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My Top 10 Travel Tips

Here in South Africa, we’re getting ready for our annual holidays. My husband and I will be flying to Cape Town for a mini-break in a few days and then in December, we’ll be off work for about 3 weeks. Yay! (This picture was taken in Knysna, South Africa at The Heads – gorgeous, isn’t […]

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Junk in the Trunk? Product of the Week: Trunk Organizer

Sure, I used to live on the edge. The rock and roll lifestyle. I remember those days – driving home from the grocery store, with a carton of eggs and a huge bottle of detergent rattling around in the trunk of the car. Taking those turns, and hearing ‘roll..roll..roll…THUNK!’. Yep, I was a slave to […]

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Tips for Packing Light

On a recent business trip, my airplane seatmate and I got to chatting (shocking, I know) and she thought it was amazing that I hadn’t checked a bag given that my trip would last seven days, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you for packing light. This is what was in my […]

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