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Over the door organizer has more uses than you think

Over the door shoe organizers have their place in life. Or so we thought. Turns out, these excellent organizers are star workers throughout the entire house. They’re great for storing your favorite footwear, of course, but have you considered using them to: Sort dolls, matchbox cars and other toys Create an advent calendar Store bathrooms […]

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Hanging Shoe Storage to Fight Against Terrible Twos

My friends have had their daughter for a couple of years now, and she is entering the “Terrible Twos” phase of her life. I guess they should just count their blessings that this cliché did not actually begin until she was about three. However she sure is terrible – pulling on mommy’s earrings, eating bugs […]

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Family Shoe Storage Options for Every Situation

As my wife and I expect our first child later in this month, we have started to pay attention to how quickly our storage space has dwindled. Our small apartment is growing from two residents to three, and even a tiny baby can take up a ton of space. It makes me wonder how much […]

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